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Keep The Lights on for the Holidays with WiOn In/Outdoor Timer Combo Pack


Whether you are one to travel on an ongoing schedule, or your house is empty in the evening due to a work schedule it is always good to make it look like someone is home.  Even if you do not have a car in the driveway, it is possible that someone can be home so why not make it look like it?

Keep The Lights on for the Holidays with WiOn In/Outdoor Timer Combo Pack

Keep the Lights on for the Holidays

Now that the holidays are coming into full play you probably have your gifts somewhere in your home, among other valuables.  It is important to keep them out of plain sight, as well as making sure your doors and windows are locked especially when you can’t be there. 

What if you could have your lights indoors and outdoors on a timer when you were not there? Or even outside when you are there? It is always a good idea not to have it be the same pattern every day also.  This will keep any unwanted intruders on their toes and most likely move on to another area.

 WiOn In/Outdoor Timer Combo Pack

WiOn Indoor/Outdoor Timer Combo Pack

Right now on Groupon you can save on this very useful WiOn Indoor/Outdoor Timer Combo Pack, check here to see the sale.

WiOn 50063 Programmable Wifi Timers with Indoor Outlet and Outdoor Yard Stake

  • Using your smartphone you can control your outdoor lighting.
  • You can use this with your Wifi so there is no reason to have a hub.
  • Programming options: On/Off settings, countdown, random vacation, Sunrise/Sunset schedules, and more
  • Free app works with smart devices: Apple (iOS 7 and higher) or Android (4.0 and higher)
  • If you purchase from Groupon it is a brand new unit.
  • Product dimensions: 10.13”x2.75”x6.38”

Keep The Lights on for the Holidays with WiOn In/Outdoor Timer Combo Pack

You will receive in the box: WiON 50050 Indoor Wi-Fi Outlet, WiON 50053 Outdoor Yard Stake, Instruction Manual

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Becky phelps

I really think this is a great idea. We decorate a lot for the holidays and i hate going around turning off lights

Tina young

This woupd be great to have

Will G

I would love to have our lights on a timer!


This would come in handy when we go on vacation 🙂

Jay Jackson

What a great idea, I have to have one. Thanks for sharing.

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Great idea! Thank you for sharing!


This is something I would love to have. Very useful!


I love timer lights, these look great.

Audrey Stewart

This would be a big help for our family. We go around at sunset turning on lights everywhere. Then we reverse it in the morning.

Thomas L

Great prize

susan smoaks

this would really come in handy. i would love to give it a shot.

Peggy Rydzewski

Using your smartphone you can control your outdoor lighting. Wht a great idea

Laurie Emerson

This would be perfect for all of the lights we have for decorations for the holidays. I love that it works on a app.


What a wonderful invention and idea. It saves time energy and electricity not to mention peace of mind. (something we can all use this time of year)!

Rose Santuci-Sofranko
Rose Santuci-Sofranko

Wow, I know somebody who could really use this! Thanks and God Bless!

Richard Hicks

This is really neat. Makes things a lot more convenient

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