Preparing for the Holidays! iPad3 Giveaway


Welcome to the iPad3 Holiday Giveaway Event!

Hosted by Mom Blog Society

Special thanks to our lovely co-hosts Mom to Bed by 8Thinking Outside The Sandbox, Moms Living Thrifty and Food N Service for their help bringing this giveaway to life!

Apple iPad Wi-Fi 16 GB – 3rd generation

Pick up the iPad and suddenly, it’s clear. You’re actually touching your photos, reading a book, playing the piano. Nothing comes between you and what you love. To make that hands-on experience even better, they made the fundamental elements of iPad better – the display, the camera, the wireless connection. All of which makes the third-generation iPad capable of so much more than you ever imagined. Everything you do with iPad, you do through its large, beautiful display. And when the display is better, the entire iPad experience is better. The Retina display on the iPad features a 2048-by-1536 resolution, 44-percent greater color saturation, and an astounding 3.1-million pixels – in the same 9.7-inch space. That’s four times the number of pixels in iPad and a million more than an HDTV. Those pixels are so close together, your eyes can’t discern individual ones at a normal viewing distance. When you can’t see the pixels, you see the whole picture. Or article. Or game. In ways you never could before.

Product Features

  • 9.7 Retina Display; 2048 x 1536 Resolution
  • Apple iOS 5; Dual-Core A5X Chip with Quad-Core Graphics
  • 5 Megapixel iSight Camera; 1080p Video Recording
  • Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n); 16 GB Capacityes: 1 x Headphones – Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm, 1 x Docking / port replicator – 30-pin dock connector
  • Up to 10 Hours of Battery Life; 1.44 lbs

One lucky reader will receive an iPad 3 Generation {16Gb, Wi-Fi}!

Giveaway ends November 1st at 11:59pm, open worldwide, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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    • Natosha Zachary on

      I’ll be able to take work files to different locations and home. Plus the entertainment value is limitless.

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  15. hmmm there are no bookstores near so I would read books on it! and I’m planning on going back to college so I would use it to write instead of carrying notebooks…yep…it would make my life muuuuuch easier!

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  34. kimberly wiley lazor on

    I would love to win it as a gift for my son, who is in Technical Training for the Air Force. Thanks!

  35. This would make my life so much easier. I could be more organized with my work and home. What a nice giveaway!

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  38. I use a wheelchair and I would spend less time in the wheelchair if I had an Ipad. It would be better for my health as well. I could sit in my recliner with my legs propped up instead of having them hang down. While I am on the desk top.

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  47. would be great for when i am on the go to keep up online work and giveaways! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  48. Michele Baron on

    I have a back injury and sitting at the pc can become a problem……..with the tablet, life would be easier to deal with….Thank you for this contest.

  49. i got 3 little ones that make it hard to be sitting on the computer and i so could do so much with this and take care of my babys i need one so bad

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  51. The iPad3 could make my life easier and more fun because I won’t have to be stuck sitting in the chair at home in front of my computer!

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  53. Debra L. Guillen on

    it would be great to be productive during those times when you are waiting doctor’s appointments, kids sports and after school activities, dental appointments, etc.

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  64. I’m a mommy of 3 kids ranging from 9 to 5 years old…. We have to make several trips to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh each month for my oldest (mainly) and with an hour in half or more drive she gets really antsy in the back seat….. it would help keep her busy and also for doctor visits wont see so long either.

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  66. An iPad3 can really make my life easier. I am holding the highest position in our publication club so it will be easy for me if I will win this one. Actually, today is my birthday, I do not have any gift for myself so I decided to look for giveaways and thank God I have found you. So in my position, I must always be updated to everything. Ipad 3 would be better in doing my responsibilities, it would be my partner to success. Thank you for the giveaway. God bless.

  67. An Ipad could help me be more organized. My kids would also be able to use it for different school projects.

  68. Well for me it will be the perfect Christmas gift for me and my family. I have 3 kids and pregnant with the 4th and our financial situation has change dramatically and I guess with the Ipad we can all of us enjoy without spent any other money in presents. That will be one of the better gift that could happen to us!

  69. i work from home and recently had a new baby and i have a 4 yr old son that stays at hoome with me as well and it would really be so much easier on me if i could access the computer remotely instead of having to be tied down to a desk all day b/c it’s really hard to actually get any work done 😉

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  71. As a homeschool family and always on the go with school activities, the IPAD would keep me connected with what we are doing and their schooling at the same time. Thanks for the opportunity!

  72. I would actually give my daughter the iPad which would make it easier for her in the classroom as she teaches. There are amazing apps for teachers.

  73. My laptop is kind of heavy, even more so when I have books to take to school…having a IPad will really make a difference not having to have so much weight on me.

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  76. I would use it at work on my lunch hour at 2am. It’s small enough to fit in my locker and would give me something to do during lunch.

  77. it could be easier because ipad is smaller compare to a laptop. It’s like a cellphone but bigger! So it means more fun when playing my favorite games and taking pictures of my kids and share to my family and friends!

  78. i would use the IPad for reading because living in a small town books are hard to come by unless you drive 130 miles to the next town. I would also use it for research and things for school work.

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  82. april yedinak on

    It would make my life easier because it is portable and I wouldn’t be tied to a desk to work.

  83. Right now we have the first year iPad and there is always fights on who is going to use it, this would eliviate that. Life would be easier. Thanks for a great giveaway!

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  85. It’s much better, weighs less than a lap top and its quicker. My daughter & I share the lap top it’ll be nice for if I can have something just for me. 🙂

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  88. Any new technology is great. Its light,slim,fast, any way better than lugging around a lap top

  89. As a blogger/Book Reviewer and iPad makes it easy to read the abundance of books I receive…I like ebooks and this gives me a place to keep them without further clutter to my bookshelves…thank you

  90. Sherri Manfredi on

    I would LOVE to win the IPAD3 – it would make my life more enjoyable, aid in my daughters virtual schooling when we are on the go, or prefer to get more cozy!
    My whole family would enjoy it, for reading, school, games, blogs, and always keeping up on facebook with the rescue animals and animal rescues.

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  93. Stephani King on

    I’m a stay at home mom, and have recently started ebaying and selling crafts on etsy, among other places. My laptop is very unreliable, and something new for this would be a great blessing right now:-)

  94. I could use it as a reader and to keep up with my writing while I’m out. I could also keep track of my schedule with it. Keep the grandkids amused. Keep the boyfriend amused. Tons of things really. Just plain make life easier.

  95. I run a wedding planning business, and carrying my laptop around is a pain. Having an ipad (besides being fun!) would make it much easier to keep pictures, ideas and documents available with me and to show my clients.

  96. I take care of my father on hospice monday through saturday so im away from home.This would be great for when Im with my dad.

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  98. It could go everywhere with me, mainly doctors offices, If it won’t for doctors I wouldm’t go anywhere. LOL

  99. it would be for my daughter for her schooling she does the online schooling threw vlacs and it would help her out so much. And me also cause then she would not have to use my computer to do her school work.

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  101. Allison Sprague on

    I could help my handicapped 2 step sons and grandson with many projects.Thanks for letting me enter!

  102. It would make it a lot easier for me to do a lot of the things I can do on the computer — in a far more comfortable position, like snuggled up on the couch!

  103. I have a 8 month old and I would really love the Ipad3 so he can learn new things, he love my moms ipad it keeps him busy and he’s learning and that would be great if he could do that at home aswell

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  108. keep my family busy when waiting at dr. appts. bored? no problem with this wonderful product and all the apps you can have!

  109. would make my life easier because I wouldn’t have to take my laptop with me wherever I go but I could still get work done…plus they are cool!

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  111. I would use this iPad to help my grandsons with their homework. I would be so grateful to win this wonderful prize. Thank you for the opportunity.

  112. Because I could use it in school for my 10 and 15 year old children. I love the features to use with art and graffic design. I would also love to have a mobile device to read news and other items when travelling.

  113. I think having an iPad would be a great time saver to help with research on the web wherever you go, not just at home.

  114. jeanette sheets on

    it would make my life so easier with my organization skills plus i could use ant time any where i love this

  115. It would be great to have when I need to look for what movie is playing in theaters, when my daughter has to use my laptop and to use it to Skype another daughter who lives in Philadelphia!

  116. My son lives in TX and I live in OR. I can’t be without my laptop but I really dislike having to take it . So bulky/heavy/pain in the — going through security. So this will be perfect. Beside everyone I know has one (some 2) and I would like to join the group!!

  117. My son has ADHD and his OT has recommended we get an iPad to help with concentration and task management.

  118. This would be great to win! Can’t afford one right now so this would be great!! Thanks for this contest !!

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  121. I’d use it to help my daughter who has several learning disabilities. She’s struggling so hard this year and need something to help make learning a little more fun.

  122. Shawn Ferguson on

    A I Pad would make my life easier, I have 3 daughters and 2 son’s and I work a minium wage job and my husband makes a little more over minium wage and my daughters all want some kind of electronic. But, my 2 oldest girls are 21 and 19 (my kids are 23,21,19,8, and 1) my oldest goes to college and takes pictures and writes songs for a living. She is always on the go and I cant afford to get her or the others what they want. I am doing sweepstakes every spare second I can. I work 50 hours a week and we lost my mom a year ago today from ovarian cancer.. I would love to start up some kind of awareness group for ovarian cancer and a I Pad would be perfect for my daugters would be able to do that on the go,,, esentially we would use it to help start a local ovarian cancer awareness group there are none in Upstate New York… a lot of Breast cancer groups and this is the SILENT KILLER… so we need help all the help we can get!

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  124. melissa allen on

    I have never had anything like this but would love it!!! would make my life easier too

  125. Jackie Tessnair on

    I would love to have this to read books and play games on.I could do it all on one thing and it would sure make my life easier.Thanks

  126. Oh my, the ipad would be a great resource for my kids. Both of my children are autistic and I know of some great apps out there that would help keep them entertained as well as teach them some social and educational skills.

  127. Leslie Spargo on

    I am in COTA school and will be graduating in March. My husband is an OT and he uses the companies all the time for the care of his patients… An Ipad would most definitely benefit me in treatment with patients!!! That would be such an awesome gift! Thanks for the opportunity!

  128. The iPad 3 would make my daughter’s live easier because she can carry it to classes in college and take notes without having to lug around a heavy laptop.

  129. How could the iPad3 make your life easier or more fun?

    It would definetly help me on university paperworks, by bringing it to classes instead of my heavy computer!

  130. I would use it with my son to help teach him to read, to keep track of daily things at home, and in my classroom!!!!!

  131. Danielle Carlson on

    I’d love to be able to connect with my family and friends while I’m on the go without lugging around my laptop or trying to read stuff on my tiny phone.

  132. Wendy Dickinson on

    It would allow me to be able to surf even when i have a really bad pain day and stuck in bed.

    msdickinson28 at hotmail dot com

  133. Christina Kelbel on

    My son is always on my laptop, so I would give this to him. That would make my life easier.

  134. kimberly velkovski on

    I think the ipad would be great to take pictures, read news, for the kids to play games, and i’m sure a lot more!

  135. I’ve not really tried these, but, I know my oldest plays with his Dad’s and he loves it!

  136. Erin Mitchell on

    I could check my email and go online while both of my daughters could use the computers for their homework assignments.

  137. I would actually give it to my mom. She is too weak to carry a laptop around so it would actually make her life better.

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  139. I would use it all the time. I do a lot of blogging and reading and entering and this would help me when I am at work in my free time. Also, when I fly back and forth to see my grandchildren I could use it at the airport and on the plane!!!

  140. I am a student and I commute on the train. This would be small and easy to use while commuting.

  141. Connie Bolick Lee on

    It would be great just having it handy to do so many different things with, especially when waiting for an appointment in a waiting room.

  142. it would make it so much easier for me to teach my 4 year old grandson the things he needs to learn for school ,hes learned my computer well but theres so much more to teach him

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  144. The iPad 3 would make my life easier because I could use it in the kitchen to display the recipe for the meal that I would be making for my family.

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  147. An iPad would make things easier for me in that I would have access to a computer and able to keep up on my work and volunteer activities when stuck in rooms away from my computer due to child care activities or when my older daughter is using the regular computer for homeschooling.

  148. Linda Meranda on

    I’m self taught on the computer; this would be great to win. it would give this Granny a new challenge. Still no twitter though

  149. I can take my new ipad on the go! surf the web, take pics of kids sports, or let the kiddos use it to keep them busy when they are bored

  150. I would have to say that it would be so much easier to carry around than a laptop. I would use it much more when traveling.

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  154. It would greatly help me during our church mid-week services where we, as church members, were given a chance to speak or preach about anything related to our relationship and experiences with God. This would be an easy and handy tool to scan the e-Bible and would greatly help me easily find bible verses than searching from the thousand pages of the hard copy. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have what hubby and I have always wanted.

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  156. 2 reasons: daytime use for my grandson with autism, evening use by me, so I can casually read, look up things, play games, facetime or skype relatives while not sitting at a computer.

  157. Kristi McDowell on

    It would certainly help my non-verbal son with Autism, he has an ipad at school so he can *talk* and it would give him the same ability at home also the consistency of using the words would help him learn it better he is in kindergarten and there is a good chance he will need it always! My husband just had breast cancer and wiped out our savings we just can’t afford one right now and it breaks my heart! Thank you for opportunity.

  158. It would make my life easier and bring joy to my life because I can not afford to buy myself one. I would use it for entertainment and family organizing.

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  160. The iPad 3 could make my life more easier while on the go and more fun for myself and for my daughter! 🙂

  161. The iPad3 would benefit my son who has autism. He uses the iPad in school for a reward when he is able to complete a task completely. It would allow him to put together a daily schedule and follow it using the latest technology. He would have fun using the different apps that are available like the daily scheduler, angry birds for fun or other educational apps. We would be absolutely thrilled and blessed to have an opportunity like this.

  162. If I won I would first be so Happy as I share a computer with my sister and I could have one of them and use it at work on my breaks and it would come with me to my friends house and I could let her girls play angry birds on it. that would be my top app!…. Thank you for the chance tow win

  163. The ipad is so versatile… and i’d get my computer back, because the kids would want to play on the ipad3 instead of my computer…

  164. Seriously? how could it not? The portability of a phone but with a screen big enough to not make it a huge pain in the rump? It would be so Awesome!

  165. Clare Blakeslee Toll on

    I feel this would really help us out with my husband being a trucker. He could keep in touch with us during his layovers@!Thanks for the chance!

  166. Being able to take it with me and be able to multi-task whenever I am out of the house too?!?! Yes, Please!

  167. Katherine Childress on

    Husband just started driving a semi. First time we have EVER been apart. Really would have a way to communicate

  168. The iPad would allow me to play games on a bigger screen and watch movies while traveling without having to bust out the laptop! 🙂

  169. I’m now living overseas and with two out of three kids in school I’m busier than ever! I’ve got a new career brewing and a computer that’s about to bust! Winning this would settle more than a few issues for me!

  170. claudia anakaren tapia on

    I can do so many thing on it and take it anywhere plus there are a lot of apps my daughter can play

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  172. Since I have 2 of these (one through work, one personal), this would go to my mom, maybe I could finally drag her into the Internet vortex!! LOL!

  173. I would be able to use when I travel and also use at work with the kids to help with homework and cooking and such cause of all the apps it has. I work at a Boys and Girls Club.

  174. My daughter has been asking for one of these for what seems like forever!!! It would make a great Christmas gift!

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  176. I literally just pulled my daughter from public schools TODAY. We start homeschooling on Monday, so winning this Ipad would be an incredible blessing!! We could do a lot of phonics, reading, apps, and educational things on it.

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  180. It would be so much easier for me to be online with an iPad instead of a desktop. I could actually be online and watch tv at the same time!

  181. It would fit in my purse so I could be online any and ever where! That would be so convenient. My husband would never get lost with me and my iPad riding shotgun!

  182. Hello. Thank you so much for such a great giveaway. The Ipad 3 by Apple is the best tablet in the market nowadays. It does make your daily work so easy for you can take EVERYTHING you need for work in such a great tablet and you do not need to worry about anything else. Moreover, when you want to take a break, you can check the news, your messages, watch a video or movie or just browse the internet.

    Thank you so much.
    Yours Sincerely.

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  184. The ipad would make my life easier because its more portable than a regular laptop. I would be able to fit it in my purse. And I heard its easy to use.

  185. There are a number of apps I would LOVE to put on it… like ingredients/recipes… without running downstairs to the desktop computer all the time… 🙂

  186. Michelle Espinoza on

    Since I am legally blind, it would be so helpful to me to be able to see the screen.

  187. I LOVE my iPad. Unfortunately my kids do too. I would love to have one for me and one for my kids!

  188. This would just be wonderful.. I could skype my grand children., They grow so fast and I would not miss it

  189. This would make life so much easier because I would have a “cook book” right by my side without having to get a new cookbook for the perfect recipe.

  190. Well, it would be loads of fun, obviously. 🙂 It has so many games and other apps, and the portability would be great for reading in bed. It would be useful for cooking as well, since having a laptop display a recipe is a bit cumbersome. And I’m afraid of spilling ingredients all over the keyboard.

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