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Introducing Doodle Dice from JAX


Every year I look for new games to introduce to my family.  We usually play games from Christmas through  New Year’s Day at which time we have a game marathon with snacks on New Year’s day.  This year I found the company JAX and one of their new games Doodle Dice.  

Doodle Dice from JAX

Before you Start Playing:

It is important that you read all of the directions to everyone playing before you start the game.  This way there are no questions as to whether or not you are playing by the rules.  Playing a new game can be hard sometimes as all of the people involved have to learn as they go and refer back to the instructions.  Another idea is to copy and paste the rules and make copies of it for each person. I have just found this easier with any new game.

Object of the game:

With Doodle Dice, your end game is to be the winner which happens by collecting each color card which includes green, red, blue, yellow, orange and purple.

We were able to play this on Christmas Day at my parents with the cousins, aunts, and uncles.  They have never heard of this game and now they wish they had bought it for their families. I really didn’t think the excitement in the room would go to the level it did. But I will admit it was so much fun to see everyone have a good time. We had ages 15-48 years old playing, so it doesn’t matter what age you are, as long as you are 6 or above, there is bound to be tons of fun.

Doodle Dice from JAX

Since games are always a great way to get the family together a family game night will be the way to go.  You can see all of the games they offer on their website. They offer approximately 32 other games and you are sure to find one or more that will be great for your family.

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Julie Lundstrom

This looks like a fun game for our family game night.

Marilyn Nawara

This looks like a fun game that my boys would enjoy — like that it’s different than other games we’ve played.

Jamie Williams

I also like that its different. My daughter and I both love to play games. And this would be a great add in to our collection.

Bethany Suire

I remember playing this as a child! Lots of good fun!

Darcy Koch

Me and my grandsons play games frequently. It is our quiet time. We are always looking for new games and this looks like a fun one.

Audra O'Hara

My daughter likes playing dice games. Actually she likes playing any fun game! We usually play at least every other day. This sounds like a lot of fun. She would like being able to block me, lol.

Sue E

I watched the video above and I have to admit that it looked a little confusing to me. I don’t think young kids would understand this game either.
I guess the goal is to make a Doodle stick picture by rolling the dice and getting dressed colored cards.
FYI. The link to your review in the rafflecopter does not work.
Merry Christmas!

Radha Muruganandam

This looks like lot of fun. We love family fun night games and it’s a great way to have the family engaged especially during holidays! It’s great to know that they alagu have games for little ones like sequence. Thanks for sharing and a chance to win!

Wendy R.

We like to play games when our family is all together also. This one is right up our alley!!

Michelle C

This looks like an interesting game to play with the kids! Thanks for the review!

Jessica Whitehouse

This looks like a good travel game to carry to grandma’s or camping- or for a fun night in at home with the kids.

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