Baby Jockey Infant Wear

I’m very picky with the baby basics I choose. They need to be comfortable for both sleep and stylish…

Beauty & Style

Glade for the Holidays

Everyone has heard of Glade, but have you smelled their holiday scents? I purchase the Apple Cinnamon Cheer for…


McFarland, USA

McFARLAND, USA is rated PG and opens in theaters everywhere on February 20, 2015! McFARLAND, USA DISNEY Website and Mobile site Like us on Facebook Follow us…


Andy Almost Cried!

Our property is a bit bigger than that of our Amish neighbors. They own roughly ten-acres and most of it is grassland. On our property fifteen-acres alone is wooded. Andy…


Lance for the Holidays

Lance has a line of cookies just for this Holiday Season. I must say, “They are delicious”. I opened the Pumpkin Cheesecake cookies the day I got them, and…