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Imaginative New Toy All Parents Will Love


By Carl Pridinoff | CIO (Chief Idea Guy at ReadySetz™)

No assembly required, fully recyclable, and stores away in seconds. We might have the toy of your dreams– and your child will love it too!

How Our Story Unfolded

ReadySetz™ was born in a playroom. As a parent, I loved watching my children innovate: playing pots and pans like drums, using vacuum extensions as robot arms, wearing pom-poms as clown wigs, etc. Still, I was worried about the mesmerizing effects of video games on my kids. I wanted them to exercise their own imaginations, rather than rely on someone else’s.

Imaginative New Toy All Parents Will Love


I decided to try building a play environment that was so big, so colorful, and so engaging that it would draw my kids away from their screens and give them a place to create their own stories. There were some obstacles. I didn’t want another clunky plastic toy taking up space in their room, and I wanted the set to be light enough for the kids to handle. So I started looking into light materials that could be configured for stability, but still easy to fold and unfold for play and storage.

The first two sets I made were a palace and an urban scene. My kids loved them. And their friends loved them, and their friends’ parents loved them. When I saw that the sets survived all this play, I knew I had found a way to make an inexpensive, sturdy, fully assembled toy out of recyclable materials (no more cheap plastic toys made abroad!).

Imaginative New Toy All Parents Will Love

With the help of many gifted artists and designers, we have been able to make those early designs even better. We have just launched our first set, The Urban Playset, and are developing a full line of other cool sets and accessories! In everything we design, we are dedicated to creating play environments that encourage imagination, innovation, and unstructured play – and are fun! When we see the excitement on the faces of every kid who plays with the ReadySetz™ Urban Playset, we know we did it right. We hope you like ReadySetz™ and can’t wait for more stories to unfold! BUY NOW at ReadySetz.com.



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robin rue

Wow, that playset is amazing. That would keep my little one busy for HOURS!

Tara pittman

Does this fold up? My boys would have so much fun with this

Kelli A

This is pretty cool! I’d love to see a variety of scenes in the future. Something like this would work with many different action figures and toys for boys and girls…


My son would have lost his mind over this this, when he was a kid. He had a Fischer Price parking garage, when he was little that he spent hours and hours playing with. He’d drag that thing everywhere, inside, outside, he even had to take it with when we went anywhere. lol

Joely Smith

When I was a kid I adored toys where I could use my creativity and build things! I passed the love for this on to my kids and I hope they do theirs as well. I won’t lie, I would still love to play with this!!


This Urban Playset is amazing! Kids really have it good these days. This Would make a great gift for the holidays.

Bernadette Callahan

That looks awesome. Little mess and easy to clean up and set up. Great for the upcoming holidays.


This is an awesome playset! It would certainly keep little ones busy. So cool.

Mama in Heels

That’s amazing! My kids would love playing with them.

Stephanie Pass

My 7 yr old would love this. She has such an imagination and loves play sets where she can create new worlds and storylines.


What a great idea for a playset! I bet my nieces and nephews would love one of these

Claudia Krusch

This is a fantastic gift idea for the holidays. My Son would love to play with this. I will have to share this with my friends with kids.


Oh wow, this looks like loads of fun! My kids would LOVE something like this! Does it stow away easily for storage?


I don’t have kids but honestly I wouldn’t mind buying one these sets to play on my own! 😛 They have been beautiful designed and I love them 🙂


My sons would have loved this because it is just a backdrop to their overly creative imaginations.


This is a great idea!! And the detail is incredible!! It would be great to see lots of different set designs!


Wow that set looks insane! My son and his friends would have a grand time playing with that! I love that it folds up for easy storage too! I’ll definitely have to look into this, thanks for sharing!

Joan Simpson

I like that the set has a native look and feel about it. I can certainly see why kids would be drawn to it. So super cool for it to be lightweight.

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