How To Help Your Child Develop Financial Responsibility


Many teenagers are just a few years away from approaching adulthood. Many are going through the adolescent stages, while others are entering college years and beyond. During these stages, it is important for parents to help their children develop financially responsible spending habits.

Otherwise, a young adult who is not properly prepared to manage his or her financial budget effectively may risk the possibility of acquiring uncontrollable financial obligations, such as student loan debt, credit card loans and auto loans. As a responsible parent, you can help your teen understand the importance of developing monthly budgets and utilize funds for appropriate and necessary items and services.

By incorporating good spending habits, your young adult child will avoid years of high interest charges on loans, credit card penalty fees and other unavoidable financial obligations that can potentially lower credit scores.

The SpendSmart card allows you to keep track of your child’s spending habits and limit the amount of money that is available on the card. It is an excellent way for you to reload funds at any time as allowance money for your teen. Although your child will maintain control over the prepaid visa card, you have the authority to lock the funds on the card, if you notice that your child is carelessly spending funds.


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