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I love finding unique, fun toys for my kids. Sometimes the toys I pick for the kids are just as much fun for adults. Which makes it even more fun for everyone. I love getting a gift for my kids and then we all can join in, in the fun. Nothing better than quality family time. I have to say with Laser X, we have found something that fits for everyone. 


I am not sure if my husband had more fun than my kids did with it. He would strap on the receiver vest and would go find a place to hide. I eventually had to tell him to take it easy on the younger kids. I think he is a much bigger kid than the rest of them. Plus getting him to give up a turn to the kids, was a struggle all on its own. 

My kids really enjoyed Laser X. They strapped on the vest and took the blasters and would go hiding. I found it to be sorta like paintball, but not as messy. The receiver tracks the hits and once you get hit 10 times, you are out. I think the 10 hit limit makes it more fun. I always disliked getting tagged in tag and being out right away. Gives everyone a fair chance to have a lot of fun. Another fun feature is the blaster will tell you when it is time to reload. 


You can get Laser X at Target. You can get a package with 2 blasters and 2 vests or an option for just 1 blaster and 1 vest. You can use any blaster and vest when out playing with others. They are a reasonable price and give hours of outside play, and have an unlimited amount of players to the game! I love that my kids will climb trees and go running, just to try to get an advantage over the other. 

Laser X is a lot of fun and would make any kid, or adult kid, happy to unwrap this Christmas! 

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