Give Betty Spaghetty Hair Fashion Pack, this Holiday!


Growing up, I loved Betty Spaghetty. I always get fond memories when I see my kids getting the opportunity to play with something that was around when I was a kid. I remember changing her hair and clothes and having a great time for hours on end. Just warms the hearts to see my kids playing the same way I used to, even though there is a significant age gap. 

My kids recently found themselves in love with Betty Spaghetty, when they tried out the Betty Spaghetty Hair Fashion Pack. They love changing all the pieces a million times and Betty Spaghetty becomes so many things. The laughter and smiles is always what I look for when they are playing. It speaks volumes. 

The ability to customize a figure brings a lot of enjoyment and pride when they get it looking just the way they want. I enjoy all the hair styling options in this pack. My girls end up changing her hair style a million times and all of her other parts as well. I have yet, to see them show me a Betty Spaghetty that looks like a repeat performance. 


What’s Inside

  • 1 x Full Doll
  • 2 x Extra Costumes
  • 1 x Extra Pair of Arms
  • 1 x Extra Pair of Legs
  • 12 x Hair Beads
  • 4 x Hair Coils
  • 4 x Hair Clips
  • 6 x Elastic Bands
  • 1 x Doll Stand
  • Instruction Manual

Betty Spaghetty Hair Fashion Pack makes an excellent gift for girls 4 and older. It brings a lot of options in creativity for them. 

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