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Moms – we’ve all found ourselves swiping endlessly through online reviews to find everything from the perfect pediatrician to a great date-night restaurant. These days, it’s impossible to rely on untrustworthy internet reviews from people you don’t even know. Last time I was looking at online reviews, I ended up wasting time and money at a restaurant that I was unsatisfied with. Instead, why not use reviews and recommendations from people you know and trust? Whether you’re looking for a new local spot, or traveling across the world, GetBeen connects you directly with friends to see reliable reviews and recommendations from your friends, right at your fingertips.


Smartphones have a major impact on travel and online reviews. The Alimeter Group reported that 88% of consumers are influenced by online reviews. Zach Chandis, Founder and CEO of GetBeen, related to this study and asked, “why not have their recommendations at the tip of your fingers?” Whether you’re looking for a business nearby or a travel destination, GetBeen is your local and global guide to finding places your friends recommend.

I downloaded GetBeen and have been using it to review my favorite spots – it’s super easy. Feel free to friend me on the GetBeen app so you can see my recommendations! The best part is, if your friends haven’t been to a local place, the app uses algorithms from Foursquare to search the most popular places in the area without having to leave the app. So helpful!

Download the app by searching “GetBeen” in the itunes app store and add me as a friend! You can also follow GetBeen on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!



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