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Back to school shopping is hectic, but it can be fun! Here are some tips for getting the most out of your back to school shopping at Sears.

Sears offers a lot of different shopping experiences. While I do prefer to go in store, I don’t always have the time! I use the “free store pickup” option so frequently when this happens!

We then went online to  and found what we liked. We chose to have it available at our local Sears and then went to pick it up in minutes! 


A few ways to make back to school shopping easier: 

Sears has a few ways to make things easier when you run out of time in your back to school shopping.

1. Free Store Pickup – This is the option I like the best! I find it much easier to browse online, but can pick it up in store and make sure I like it. You can even combine your Sears and Kmart shopping trips into one store pickup, and pick up everything you need for school in one spot! Isn’t that cool? 

2. Reserve it – I like store pickup, because my products are already paid for. Want to make sure what you want is in stock, but want to shop for it in store? Reserve it allows you to shop online, and reserve it in your store. Then, go to the store (within 48 hours), try it on, and buy only what you want! It’s a great way to avoid the in-store arguments that can happen when shopping with tweens.

3. In-vehicle services – Use the Shop Your Way mobile app to return and exchange your online purchases without leaving your car! I haven’t tried this yet, because I have yet to return or exchange, but how cool is that? You don’t need to wait in line, or even leave the vehicle!

4. Member Assist – This amazing Shop Your Way feature gives you in-store service with your online shopping! You can get a store associate to help you with the click of a button.


Now, for my back to school shopping picks….

  • I love how Bongo lets your daughter express herself! They are all about being rock star chic, with the latest trends and details. My favorite is this top:

sears bts 1

  • Pair it with some skinny jeans by Canyon River Blues! This pair is going to be a staple in your child’s wardrobe, as well as all of their denim-based collection.

sears bts 2

  • Or, wear a pair of CRB Girl lettings such as this one! This unique outfit will really allow your daughter to be herself and show personality…

sears bts 3

  • The perfect “first day of school” top, this shirt will be your son’s new favorite! Amplify has a great urban-edge collection for your son, that will allow him to show his feelings in his clothing, all while being totally cool for school.

sears bts 4

  • Pair it with some Roebuck and Co. straight leg jeans that are truly timeless!

sears bts 5

  • Toughskins has collections for both boys and girls that include a rough edge, and feminine details. This pair of shorts with suspenders will turn my little boy into a little man, when I send him off to school for the first time ever. (I am trying to hold back those bittersweet tears…)

sears bts 6

  • Does your child love to move? Good for him! Dress comfortably in Everlast, but look great while you do! A pair of walking shoes will have your young man comfortable throughout the long school day.

sears bts 7

  • Does your child need a uniform? Dockers has everybody in the uniform department covered!



Let your children express themselves with back to school fashion! Whatever it is, Sears has a look for everyone, and the services to make your back to school shopping easier. Learn more at

Enter to win a $50 gift card to Sears for your back to school shopping needs by clicking on the image below:

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  1. We can only affordd Seas whhen they have sales. I usually go to their clearance sales at the end of the season. They have nice bargains. I once bought jeans there for 4 dollars a pair!

  2. shelly peterson on

    I love that Sears has Free Store Pickup. These are some great fashion ideas for school clothes.

  3. I love the Reserve It feature! I like knowing that it won’t go out of stock, but allows me to try on clothing before I really purchase it.

  4. Sherry Compton on

    Sears is great. All sizes with popular brands and their own different brands. Gives several options. I like the pick up in store option, and their web site is great to search through.

  5. I’ve never shopped at Sears for clothes before, but it looks like they have some really neat things!

  6. I have been shopping at Sears for school clothes since I was a kid many moons ago!! Now it’s shopping for the grand kids!!

  7. I haven’t been clothing shopping in Sears since I was a kid. I did order shoes for my daughter before school started last fall, and they were very nice. The Sears in my hometown became a large appliance only store so when I moved, I just didn’t think about Sears for an apparel option. I’ll have to stop in next month before school starts.

  8. Lori Pouncey on

    Sears is great! I have been shopping at Sears for many, many years! Thank you for your great review, tons of fab info. I love the savings you can find at Sears but especially the Sears online, that is where I do most of my shopping!

  9. Marti Tabora on

    These are all really great tips, I love to shop the sales at Sears. I have found a lot of really good deals there.

  10. I like how you can order and pick up at the store. You don’t even have to get out of your car at most locations. You drive up, text them and they bring it out to your car. Great idea!

  11. Anastasia Falling on

    Some great tips and cute clothes ideas! Back to school shopping isn’t usually fun, but if you’re prepared, it can make things a lot less hectic 🙂

  12. sherry blamer on

    I think these are great back to school shopping tips. I didn’t know sears offered all those services.

  13. We are taking the grands school shopping soon, so this would be great. And since our Sears is attached to a mall, they’ll really love it.

  14. Dana Rodriguez on

    Those are some great tips.I like shopping at Sears.Those skinny jeans are cute!

  15. Denise Taylor-Dennis on

    I really need to get my son some clothes and it looks like Sears might a good place to check out. I like that they have free store pick up.

  16. Sears stores is one of my favorite places to shop at for back-to-school supplies.

  17. I always like to take advantage of the free store pickup. My daughter would like to buy some dresses for back to school.

  18. I wish those options were available when my 7 were small. What a time saver that would have been when school shopping with 7 kids. I love the option of store pick up. Thanks for your tips. Excellent review.
    Carol L

  19. I love in-store pickup at Sears! I had no idea reserve it existed. I will definitely have to take advantage of that! Way easier than picking up my order only to go back home find it doesn’t fit and then make another trip there.

  20. Stephanie Phelps on

    I love Sears and being able to shop online for the kids is awesome they get so impatient when we are at the store so this works best for us and then I can have my husband swing by and pick it up!

  21. Gladymar Rodriguez on

    I like sears and i like the “seventeen” clothing line. The prices are good and reasonable

  22. l love shopping at Sears. They have a huge selection of clothes and shoes that feature many different name brands at an affordable price too.

  23. Margaret Smith on

    I love shopping Sears. I find that the quality of clothing is wonderful. I also like using their pick up service.

  24. Sears is such a great store. I love their sales and the variety of brands they have available. I’ve been shopping there since I was a girl and I even bring my son there now.

  25. Sears is a great place to shop for back to school clothes! I like how you can browse on-line, reserve what you want and it can be ready for store pick-up!

  26. I actually never knew sears had in store pick up, that is simply amazing!!!!!
    No more wasting time walking around the whole store yay!!! love it

  27. Those options look like real time savers. In-store pickup would alleviate a lot of the stress of trying to shop in a crowded store before back to school time.

  28. I haven’t shopped at Sears for more than tools and appliances. I didn’t realize that they had such cute clothes. I love the idea of store pick-up and the reserve it options. Makes shipping a lot easier.

  29. Michelle Harasewicz on

    I didn’t know about the reserve it feature, I can’t wait to try it.

  30. Eloise Carlson on

    Great review! I seen a lot of great clothes that I would love to get my daughter for school. Sears is a great place to shop and usually have some great sales.

  31. Pamela Gurganus on

    I really enjoyed reading this and am sincerely thankful for the information. Back to school shopping is one of my least favorite things to do, so I found this very helpful! I had no idea about the free store pickup and this is definitely a perk I would take advantage of!

  32. Anita Duvall on

    When my girls were still in high school, back to school shopping day was a winner for us. Shopped til we dropped, lunch out, and dinner out. Now I only have one in college and she insists on buying her own clothes. I miss those days!

  33. Cheryl Abdelnour on

    I really like the In-vehicle services . This makes it so much easier shopping especially for the handicapped.

  34. Deborah Cochran on

    Back to school already?!! I’m excited because I love seeing all of the new Fall fashions and getting the best deals at Sears. My favorite are the Everlast shoes – perfect for college bound student (I remember walking what seemed like miles from class to class).

  35. I’ve always loved Sears… one of the originals still left! Their vehicle service department totally saved me last summer!

  36. Deborah Caudill on

    I learned about all the options Sears gives you to make purchases there. I used to pay online, and then have it shipped to the store at no charge. I would then pick up the items at Sears. Unfortunately, the Sears store near me, and the only one in town closed, so I will now have any items I purchase sent directly to my house.

  37. Deborah Caudill on

    This $50 Sears gift card giveaway will really be helpful to the winner. Sears has some cool clothes for kids, and I even liked the professional lines that were in the store. Prices were usually very good and there were always plenty of sales. Thanks for the giveaway. I really want to win, but good luck to all!

  38. Cindy Merrill on

    The best back to school fashion advice I have- if the High school your child is entering this year has official school colors, find out what they are!! I know it’s sounds silly, but it’s a big deal. Be sure to buy at least two outfits featuring those colors.

  39. The in vehicle services sound like a real time saver. Back to school shopping can be so hectic and the last thing I want to do is wait on line to return something.

  40. Sears was the only store I could shop at for my son’s back to school clothes. He was so picky!

  41. We love Sears for back to school shopping, glad they have in store pickup as I wasn’t aware of that before.

  42. Love the Shop Your Way program, and surprise points. I ship to store and pick up all the time to avoid the crowd!

  43. Michelle VanDaley on

    I love Sears and ypur suggestions are great. I have been able to take advantage of some great sales by doing the Order online & Pick up at Store option. Sometimes I just can’t get out to the store in time & this option allows me to not miss the sale. Their Shop Your Way program is awesome, I’m always getting coupons and $$ back offers

  44. patrick jones on

    i didn’t know they had free store pickup after ordering online or the reserve it either! hoping to win for a friend who could use some new things…

  45. I love that Sears offers Free Store Pickup! Thanks for all the great b2s shopping tips.

  46. I had no idea Sears did in store pickup!! We have one nearby and this would be so convenient.

  47. Wow! Sears has come a long way! I used to think they were just tools and tires, but now they’ve got great clothes too. The in-store pick up option sounds like a great timesaver.

  48. jeanette sheets on

    sears has always been my family and mine favorite store ,!low prices and quality items .,i just love sears !have been a shop your way member for about 3 years which means extra savings and coupons!love the tips and advice!

  49. Rachel Turner on

    We need a little extra help this year with back to school clothes because my son is growing so fast and money is tight. I never thought about Sears, but we do have one near us, and it would be nice to win. 🙂

  50. Krystal Waters on

    Great tips, I like the store pick up option that would save on shipping costs. I like all the shoe choices at Sears.

  51. Christy Caldwell on

    Great tips! I Really love the in store pick up that Sears offers. It makes shopping a lot easier.

  52. Laurie Nykaza on

    We love to shop at Sears for clothes they always have something for everyone no matter the age. We have a fridge and vacuum cleaner too.

  53. Heather McKenzie Carter on

    I didnt realize Sears had such cute back to school clothes. We went there over the weekend to pick up the first round of clothes for my kiddos and I plan to come back again on tax free weekend here in Ohio. I have 6 school age children that all need some new duds and new shoes. I also love that Sears has the layaway option available. Its helpful!

  54. Robin Abrams on

    I have to shop at sears for my sons clothes because he is hard to find size and they do carry his size

  55. heather e.g. kaufman on

    I really like shopping at sears. They have a great variety & good prices.

  56. I really love the Sears store here, though, unfortunately, they keep scaling it down. They’ve closed the upper floor and reduced their inventory to fit on two floors instead of three. Still, they have a decent selection of family clothing, and at affordable prices. With their Members card program, I save lots on bonus points.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  57. Tiffany Schmidt on

    I love the free store pickup feature. Sometimes shopping while pregnant with two other little ones, isn’t so glamorous. However shopping online, then picking up later is totally manageable!

  58. Seyma Shabbir on

    I love Sears. They always have great deals and fashions for kids. They also have Shop your way rewards! Love your clothes picks!

  59. Pair it with some Roebuck and Co. straight leg jeans that are truly timeless! – How very clever to take the branded Sears & Roebuck name of yesteryear and combine it with timeless straight leg jeans.

  60. I like Sears. Their stores are easy to navigate and they have a great selection. Their prices are way better than the other stores in the mall.

  61. I have never tried online shopping at sears. However, the tips you have mentioned sound great and very convenient so I might try it out if I am running late on time and need to get things quickly and last minute.

  62. I don’t normally shop at Sears for clothing, usually my husband is buying something from the tools department.

  63. I like the free store pick up option. That would be convenient and save shipping charges.

  64. These are great picks. I love the toughskins outfit, so cute! I am a shop your way member. I love how they give you coupons everytime you shop!

  65. Karen Beckett on

    Sears does offer a nice selection of clothing and shoes for the entire family.

  66. I like the choices you showcase and I love Sears. I wish our schools didn’t require uniforms because some of the items you showed would be great.

  67. Jennifer Tilson on

    I can always use a bit of extra money towards kids’ clothes. It seems like they grow out of them as soon as I buy them. Sears has good quality clothes for kids, too.

  68. These clothes are so cute and I’m definitely going to check out Sears the next time that I go shopping.

  69. sheila ressel on

    Sears always has really cute clothes for great prices. There’s something for everyone there. Thanks for highlighting some of the many fabulous finds!

  70. I love the shop your way points program, especially the free surprise points. I got a new set of dishes with points earned recently and occasionally get free stuff with the surprise points and free in store pickup

  71. One should remember to shop well during clearance sales … get good clothing cheap even months or a year before you need them.

  72. Katyann Marne Driver on

    Thank you for your review I love shopping at sears they always have just what we need for our little girl. I love that they generally have different styles of clothes and brands then most other stores. I love going after each season to gets lots of outfits for next to nothing to put away for next year.

  73. Tramond Roper on

    Cool. There are suffering people around the world who needs close. We need a change to the system.

  74. jessica hager on

    I love to shop at Sears they always have the best deals and their clothing last longer than other stores.

  75. Karen Nadeau on

    I really like to shop at Sears online and in the store. They have great prices and great quality of clothing. I will be going that way for school shopping soon I hope.

  76. Kimberley Thomas on

    I love a great sale ! My kids have kids of their own so I do not school shop but again I do love a great sale 🙂

  77. I did not realize that Sears has so many great options for shopping. I use another company for Ship to Store, and I love it! I will definitely use this for Sears. I have mobility issues and it can be really taxing for me to shop for any length of time. This would allow me to shop at home, comfortably, and then just pick up my order. I love this and it will be very helpful for me. Thanks for making me aware of it.

  78. I love Sears because their clothes last forever. That shirt on top is so cute! I don’t have nobody to school shop for now that my daughter is grown. I still buy 1 or 2 backpacks and fill them with school supplies to donate. I love buying stuff for myself. I’m like a kid when all the school supplies come out. Lol!

  79. Andrea Troutman on

    I didn’t know Sears had free store pickup. Cute clothes for back to school, too.

  80. shea balentine on

    Thanks for all the tips! I love shopping at Sears.. they have styles that the entire family loves! I also love that I can shop online and pick up in store.. I’ve done that with my last 2 orders!

  81. I really like the “Reserve It” feature! I hate ordering things online only to find that the sizing isn’t what I expected and having to go through the return process.

  82. laurie murley on

    wow time flys when your having fun, summer has been great, I love shopping here they have some great buys.

  83. Cute clothes, have used the in store pickup but I haven’t used the other 3 yet.

  84. Leah Shumack on

    I didn’t know that they have in store pickup! Our Sears is combined with Kmart here so it might come in handy!

  85. Besides the free Store Pick Up, I had no idea that the other options for convenient shopping were available. I have lost my fervor for shopping so these are very appealing to me.

  86. Trisha McKee on

    Thank you for such great tips! Sears is awesome and will be a main staple for back to school. we even got my daughter’s prom dress there!

  87. Oh my gosh those little shorts with suspenders are absolutely ridiculously too cute and I can’t even explain how happy they make me~! I love Sears so much!

  88. I have been ordering from often and I choose to pick up my orders at my local Kmart. It’s closer to my house than Sears is. Love how convenient it is!

  89. I don’t shop Sears often, due to some issues I’ve had in the past. But, that top you have pictured for teens, is adorable. I’m intrigued by the in car exchange or return. Never heard of it. I wonder if that’s available at all Sears or just certain ones? My mother eyes work clothing often at Sears, but shopping in store is kind of a pain, so I really like the reserve it and free store pick up options.

  90. i am just loving these outfits.i love sears. great clothes, and the price is right . the sales are also great to