Foldable Knives


When you need something sharp to cut a string, rope or open a package, why not consider having a foldable knife on hand? This type of knife comes in a variety of sizes, and there are different types of blades. It is the perfect knife to keep in your pocket or on the side of a belt for those situations where you need to get something open and cant. Many foldable knives have a handle with grooves where the fingers can easily fit to make holding the knife easier. 

Most of the smaller knives are sturdy in design. There is usually a pocket clip on the side of the knife as well as a button so that it opens quickly. Some foldable knives have buttons to lock them so that they don’t open, making them a little safer than some larger knives. The design of the knife doesn’t come into play as much as the type of blade. Some of them have ridges while some of them have a straight blade. The straighter blades are ideal for cutting something quickly and in one motion. When looking for a foldable knife, you should find something that is large enough to use in a variety of situations but not something that is too big that it is awkward to carry. Broker knives Canada, Kitchen Knifes Canada.


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