What Expectations Should Grandchildren Meet on Grandparents Day?


Did you know that September is the hallmark month for the little known national holiday, “Grandparents Day?” No? Well, if not that’s totally okay, because this article will teach you about this special day and why it’s important to allow grandparents to assume the “grandparent role” with grandchildren. Grandparents Day, occurring the first Sunday after Labor Day, is a “family holiday,” where the most important people in life are celebrated with gifts, activities, attention, and love. This is the day Grandmas and Grandpas are spoiled rotten! But, even though Grandparents Day is all about grandparents, most still try to spoil their grandchildren. Why? Well, because they love them and want them to be happy.

A little love and attention by grandparents is perfectly acceptable on Grandparents Day, but it’s important that grandchildren also meet some of their grandparents’ expectations on that day. What are those expectations? And, what exactly is the “grandparent role” with grandchildren? The “grandparent role” with grandchildren involves showering grandchildren with love, attention, and anything else they can think of! In other words, it consists of letting grandparents be “grandparents.” It’s okay to indulge grandchildren from time-to-time, but there must be boundaries, so grandparents aren’t dismissed on their special day.

So, what does setting boundaries for grandparents mean? Well, it means not allowing grandchildren to take over and monopolize the day. On this day, grandchildren should spoil Grandma and Grandpa with hugs, kisses, and lots of love. Therefore, setting boundaries for grandparents means stopping them from only focusing on their grandchildren’s needs. The goal should be to surround Grandma and Grandpa in love. So, what’s the best way to do this? Well, listed below are four good ways to meet expectations on Grandparents Day.


The role of grandparents in today’s society is slowly growing in prominence. In other words, many grandparents are now stepping into the cherished role of caregiver to young children and adolescents. Yet, for grandparents, who do not see their grandchildren a lot due physical or emotional distance, the natural bond between grandparent and grandchild is missing. These family members don’t really know each other; therefore, the connection isn’t there. The good news is that the role of grandparents in today’s society doesn’t have to be one of longing or lacking, no, grandparents can reconnect with their grandchildren.

How? Well, Grandparents Day is a good time to start! Reconnecting with grandparents can do a world of good for everyone involved. The key, however, is to do it away from parents. So, spend the day celebrating your grandparents by taking them out to eat, spending the day at the park with them, listening to old stories about their childhoods, learning more about them, and/or just being there for them in every way possible.

Learn Your Family History

Another way grandchildren can fulfill expectations on Grandparents Day is by learning their family history. Grandparents love to share stories of when they were tiny tots, so the best way to allow them to relive their past. Be patient and try to absorb the information because one day, these history keepers will not be available to share those missing puzzle pieces! Plus, learning the family history from grandparents allows them to relish in the “grandparent role” with grandchildren that they love!

Create New Traditions

Creating new traditions is always a great way to honor grandparents and celebrate Grandparents Day! The key is to create a tradition that is meaningful to both grandparents and grandchildren. Oh, and the tradition must be an annual event. The best way to change how others perceive the role of grandparents in today’s society is by celebrating grandparents 365-days a year. Another good way is to spend quality time with grandparents, letting them know how much they are truly appreciated.

Do Something Meaningful Together

Lastly, an expectation that grandchildren should meet on Grandparents Day is simply doing something meaningful Grandma and Grandpa. It could be something as “chill” as watching Grandma’s favorite sitcom or playing chess with Grandpa. It could even be preparing a meal that has been in the family for decades or centuries, or taking a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood together. It doesn’t matter what the activity is – just as long as you do it together. Grandparents are extraordinary human beings that deserve attention, respect, and love. So, setting boundaries for grandparents is a must-do on this day! Remember, grandparents need an opportunity to enjoy the “grandparent role” with grandchildren. So, don’t let the role of grandparents in today’s society disappear into the background – promote it, celebrate it, and honor it!




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Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

These are great ideas. I think it’s so important to create real bonding experiences with grandparents – and all family members for that matter. Too many of us just sit and watch TV together.


My family does not live that close together so when we get together we sort of mixup today with grandparents day and kids getting spoiled today. I want to make sure that my kiddo knows and loves their grandparents and is able to show that to them.

Robin Rue

We never really did much for Grandparents day because we always do something special with the grandparents when we see them. Everyday is like grandparents day 🙂

Vanessa Delia

We have always celebrated this little holiday. Grandparents are a blessing and we always like to remind them as such!


We’ve never really done grandparents day. But we try to celebrate them every day!

Dawn Lopez

Being close to grandparents is something we have always made a priority. There is so much love and experience that comes from having a good relationship like this.

Kelly Hutchinson

One of the most important people in my life was my Gram. I love all your ideas to help the kids make grandparents day more meaningful.


It shouldn’t just be on holidays. Grandparents should always be important, just like grand kids should always be important, not just on their birthday. I’m glad there are special holidays though, to do something a little extra.

Amy Desrosiers

Grandparents day is so special for us too! We love for our kids to celebrate the few grandparents they have left in their lives.


I do wish I could sit down with my grandparents again and hear more stories of their adventures and childhood and traditions. I hope my children have more opportunities with their grandparents than I did.


I didn’t know there was a whole month for this. I know they have a grandparents day though, just didn’t know about the month of September. My daughters have a great bond with my father. They actually have a really good bond with all there grandparents, I just know they especially have a very good bond with my father. 🙂


I love these ideas. Being a grandparent is great. I love anything I can do to bond with my grandchildren.


Love the ideas! Nothing like a loving bond with grandparents! My family live out of state and we don’t get to see grandpa (the only grandparent) often but my children FaceTime which is still sweet. Thank goodness for technology.


I did not even know there was a Grandparent’s Day! Love that there are so many holidays to help celebrate everyone in the family these days