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The Easiest Tree to Put Up at Christmas, is the ULTIMA Tree! #ULTIMAtree


As we draw into the holiday season, the one thing on most of our minds is the Christmas Tree. For me, that is the centerpiece to every Christmas. You put it up surrounded by family and decorate it together. Everyone usually has their own job. The one my husband least enjoys is putting together our Christmas tree and making sure it looks as realistic as possible. We do not like cutting down trees for Christmas, so we use artificial trees. This year, my husband can finally rest easy, because we have the ULTIMA Tree



Usually, my husband and I struggle to get each section of our Christmas tree together. We have tried several varieties of trees in the past, and they are either the single branch type that you have to attach a piece at a time or the huge bulky pieces that requires two people in order to place it. The Ultima Tree is Featherweight, and assembly takes less than fifteen minutes. There are 10 lightweight sections that make it easy for one person to assemble. My favorite part would have to be the Wrap & Strap Storage. It keeps each section wrapped up and keeps your tree from being abused while stored away, plus It extends the life of your tree. And, It also comes with a 10-year limited warranty!


Depending on our mood or the decorations we pick each Christmas, will decide what kind of lights get strung on our tree. The only problem is all of the strings of lights we have to store and save over the years. We have colors, white, and each kind that also blink. You can imagine the amount of lights we store and then the time it takes to unwind or untangle these lights when it is time to decorate. One amazing thing about this tree is that you can have any kind of light you want, with a push of a button! When you put the tree together, you do not have to connect the lights! You just put the part together and twist and the lights are connected. No matter your mood, you can press the handy button and find the lights that will make you happy this holiday season! It is incredibly simple. No more tangled up lights for me!


The lights are strung through out the tree, not just on the outside of the tree. I like my ornaments to be seen, even if I put them farther into the tree. They have the lights inside the tree that will illuminate your ornaments. It is full of light and makes such a beautiful presence when I have it all decorated. Even if you would just leave the tree without any of the decorations, it is just a breathtakingly beautiful tree. It has two different types of branches. Towards the outside they look realistic and you can bend them to where you want them. On the inside, you get the more fluffy branches and you can fluff the inside. It gives it a realistic, full look about the tree. I always loved real trees, but I did not want to ever cut down a tree for a few months of pleasure. This looks so real, I no longer have the wish for a real tree. 

Everyone has specific tastes and needs when decorating for the holidays. I think my biggest pet peeve is lights going out on the tree. ULTIMA tree has made this fairly easy for you too! If one light goes out, you just have to replace that one bulb. The rest of the row will not go out either, so I find that handy. If a bulb breaks, the whole section of branches will go out. In such a case you can call customer service and get that taken care of. The 10 year limited warranty does cover lights. Another great thing for the holidays is that the 7.5ft tree can be shortened! If for some reason the ceilings are not tall, or if you are a shortie and just want the tree to be easy to decorate without a ladder, you can remove a section of tree to suit your needs. Another great part of this tree it is hypoallergenic and flame resistent, both important parts to my holidays. It keeps everyone breathing easy and above all, safe.


Our youngest wanted to pose by the tree!

A gift to all our readers, is a $100 off code! Just head on over to ULTIMA tree’s website and upon checking out, use the promo code: MOMSOCIETY

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Wow, what a beautiful tree! I love the whole concept about the ULTIMAtree…..just an overall awesome tree!

Divya @ Eat. Teach. Blog.

Wow, what a great discount! I just can’t bring myself to buy a fake tree! I buy a real one each year! (I love the pine smell!)


I think a fake three is an amazing idea, I can’t believe how many threes are being cut and thought every year! And there is also the economical part to it. I always used a fake one at my house, but is a bit old and was thinking about getting a new one, love that the Ultima Tree has lights 🙂


What a reasonably priced and super cute tree to have for Christmas. We have a tradition of going to cut down a real tree, but I will pass this along to my family members who no longer have kids in the home and were looking for a tree like this one!


What a gorgeous tree! I love everything about the ULTIMAtree, definitely a good choice for busy families.

Tara Pittman

I like how this tree stores. It would take up a whole lot less space in my attic

Cynthia Williamston

I always wondered how my cousin was able to get her tree up so quickly and look so good. I think you just spilled her secret…lol


This is for sure the best way to go for me. Super easy to put up and it looks gorgeous! Great job on your tree!


Your tree is just gorgeous. We also tend to decorate differently each year. We have tubs and tubs of ornaments and lights in storage. Some years we do all Santas. Other years we do Mardi Gras colors. This year we went elegant traditional. The ULTIMAtree is just that! Totally Awesome!


We tried an artificial tree last year but the branches wouldn’t hold our heavier ornaments at all. I thought I wouldn’t try one again, but this one looks really nice, so I may… Just thinking out loud.


We’ve already set up our Christmas tree! We tend to do it early so we can enjoy more of the season and it doesn’t stress us out so much hurrying to decorate.

Amber Myers

This tree is so pretty! We will set ours up after Thanksgiving.


Your tree looks great Wren! Love the design. Hope you have a great Christmas!

David M Murphy

This makes setting up and decorating a tree a breeze!

Melanie Smith

Your Christmas decoration is amazing! I love that pretty tree <3


We broke down and bought a fake tree last year because I just had a baby and it was not going to be easy to get to the mountain to cut one down. I really actually enjoyed it much more then I thought I would! Super easy to set up and it looked beautiful!


Your tree is gorgeous! So very homey looking. We have had a real tree ever since I was a little girl and before. This tree would be great for anyone in my family as a 2nd tree in their home. The already lit is a big positive to me also!


Wow! Your tree looks amazing! And little Lorelei looks adorable. 🙂 I be she’s excited for all the presents that Santa is going to leave under that tree!


Such a pretty tree! I’m excited to decorate our tree this week 🙂 Love the festive feel with having a tree up!

Cindy Ingalls

I recently saw an ad for these trees and thought they looked so gorgeous. The fact that they are easy to assemble is even better.

Liz Mays

Oh this tree rocks! I love that color of the lights can be changed. This seems so much more realistic than our tree too.

Michelle Mink

Wow this Christmas tree is very pretty and seems easy to put together. I only buy artificial trees because of how early I like to put mine up so I’ll keep this in mind for when I need a new tree.

Michelle Mink

Wow this Christmas tree is very pretty and seems easy to put together. I only buy artificial trees because of how early I like to put mine up so I’ll keep this in mind for when I need a new tree. Hope you have a great holiday.

michelle mink

Wow this christmas tree is very pretty and seems easy to put together. I always have an artificial tree because of how early I like to put them up. I’ll have to keep this one in mind the next time i need one.

Elizabeth O.

This is heaven sent for moms! It’s always nice to have easier ways to setup stuff. I love how the lights are already built in! That’s awesome!


This is a beautiful tree and I love all the decorations there. I wish I could have these

Lisa Rios

When it comes to Christmas there is a lot to do with home decor and trees are important tradition that we follow over the years. The Ultima Tree looks amazing and it is good that color of the lights can be changed to give different look and feel as well.


wow, you have a gorgeous tree! I love the color combination. Looks like the tree is made of great quality materials. Plus a long year warranty!

Robin Rue

This tree is absolutely beautiful! I have always loved trees like this that could be used year after year.


What a gorgeous tree! We need to look into that—I’m so not looking forward to unpacking our tree and untangling all the wires. Every year when we put it away, we seem to get everything mixed up.


Omg that tree does look pretty simple to put up!!!! So pretty too!!!!!


I love that each section is labeled! That makes it so much easier! Your little one is absolutely darling!

Colette S

That is a beautiful tree and a pretty creative concept.
I hope ours will be easier this year.

Enricoh Alfonzo

Se manifique photo journal & descriptions. Wow, what a beautiful tree! I love the whole concept about the ULTIMAtree

Julie Syl Kalungi

OMG is your tree up already? Your youngest looked totaly cute and perplexed by the ULTIMA tree. Sounds like our One we bouight 2 yrs ago, its super easy to set up and take down 🙂

Jennifer Corter

What a beautiful tree! I love the photos, and it DOES look easy to put up!


I love the concept of UltimaTree. Putting up christmas trees are usually tedious – admittedly, I don’t like ’em and I hate it whenever my Mom gives that task to me. This could be the solution to my yearly Christmas probs! Lol.

Carol Cassara

It’s definitely easy! I love that the lights are already setup once you setup the tree! That takes away half of the work!

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