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Decorative Glass Straws



In my home stocking stuffers are one of our holiday rituals. Every year on Christmas Eve we go stocking stuffer shopping. We seek out unique and fun gifts and stuff those stocking jammed pack with fun! And on Christmas morning we can’t wait to dig into those stockings.

This year, I found some stocking stuffers early! My family loves to use straws. Glass Dharma makes reusable glass straws! Which is exactly what my family needs. REUSABLE! I’ll be stuffing those stocking with amazing glass and decorative straws from Glass Dharma.

dots-straw-earthThese “colored dots add both fun and functionality. Used to color code your drinks (or just plain decorate your place setting), they also keep your straw from rolling off of the table or counter. Available in all 4 diameters and 6 colors: Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Clear and Black.”

Glass Dharma straws is one of our top choice this year in our 2013 Holiday Stocking Guide!

Why Glass Straws?

PLASTIC EVERYWHERE: Take a look around and you’ll find that most folks are gravitating toward awareness that plastic pollution is poisoning our environment. With the immense amount of plastic (especially single-use plastics) being dumped into our landfills and oceans, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with no easy solution in sight. There is no one single answer to our planet’s pollution problems but we believe in significant progress through a number of avenues. We cannot expect our environment to absorb wastes that our global lifestyle is producing without substantial negative effects.

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Glass Dharma has been generous enough to offer one lucky Mom Blog Society Reader a chance to win a $25 gift card to Glass Dharma. Simply click the image below to go to the Rafflecopter to enter. Good Luck!


Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.





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Gina Lambert

I use and reuse my straws all the time. I actually feel bad for tossing them out. These would be perfect for me. It would actually make me feel better knowing I am not helping to fill up a landfill 1 straw at a time!

jennifer wexler

these straws are awesome

Brenda Springer

Very awesome


I have seen these and love the concept. They’re so pretty, too.


I love these straws!!!! I use straws all the time!!! I really would love to WIN!!!

jessica stewart

looks nice, and seems like something we would enjoy! thanks

robyn donnelly

the straws are very useful. Don’t have to throw away.

Megan M

I would love to ditch my disposable straws. It feels so wasteful to toss them after one use! These look so pretty too.

Carolyn Barnett

These are so cool! I have never heard of glass straws.

Lisa Lancaster

I had never seen these before but they are really neat!!


I use straws every day, these glass straws would be ideal for me. Besides they are so elegant. And would save me on some of the recycleing.

Cathy Naughton

great idea

Molly Hearn

I think these are really neat. my teenagers even my 19 yr old would probably love to try one.

Sheri Ferguson

These are clever, cool and unique!

Danielle Cordeau

That’s really great

candy kratzer wenzel

I would love a glass straw. They would be great for a cocktail.


These are perfect stocking stuffers for anyone.

anne hill

love their products!

courtney gibson

I would love to have one of these straws I could replace the throw away straws I use now in my mason jar.

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