D-Link HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Baby Camera


     When I started looking for a baby monitor, I thought cheaper is better. I looked for one that gave me a video feed and audio. I figured I didn’t need to spend a lot t0 get a lot. Well 4 monitors later and I was super frustrated. When you have a new baby there are so many baby products that people tell you, you just have to have. But honestly there are many things you can do without. You should save the money you would be spending on that high-end swing and put it into a nice monitor. I wish I would have saved myself some money in the long run and purchased a good high quality baby monitor to begin with. That’s where the D-Link HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Baby monitor comes in. If you’re ok with spending a little extra to get a little extra, then this is the monitor for you. Being able to see your little one even when your away from home will give you that sense of peace that most moms want. No matter where you are, when out running errands or sitting in the next room. I have connected my phone and iPad to the monitor so I can watch them play no matter where I am or what I’m doing. 

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D-Link Baby Monitor


We know what it’s like to have your hands full. That’s why the HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Baby Camera is perfect for parents looking to keep an eye on a larger area, twins, triplets or just an extraordinarily mobile toddler.

With whisper quiet motors, you can easily take a look around without waking any resting young ones, all from your smartphone or tablet. A good nap is too precious to disturb!

4x digital zoom even lets you get as close as you want to, so you never miss a single moment. And with the rich detail and crisp image quality of 720p HD video resolution, you can rest assured that everything is as it should be.


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