After watching Brave, I have to wonder how many kiddos are going to be asking their parents for archery lessons!  Pixar’s first period piece set in Scotland is breathtaking! The animation is so realistic and captivating you’ll find it hard to turn away from the screen. Merida a fiery red headed, free spirited daughter of a Queen wants nothing more than to live her life by her own terms, and goes to great lengths to do so.


I sat down and watched Brave with my Sophie, and we were simply fascinated by the realizium of this animation . The story is about a young daughter destined by birth right to become the next princess. And unknown to the free spirited Merida, her Queen mother and King father have arranged for her hand in marriage.

Merida will have nothing of  it and sets out to win her own hand in an archery competition that infuriates her mother.

A wish is made, a spell is cast and Merida finds herself fighting for her mothers life. Together Merida, and her mother learn lessons that will forever change years of the tradition.



This is one of the greatest movies I have seen from Disney in a long time, and am sure glad to have gotten it for review. The Blu Ray collection comes with the Blu Ray, a DVD, Digital Copy, Blu Ray 3D, and a behind the scenes look at how this extravagant movie was created. Like many other things I’m going to suggest picking this up for the holiday season.



Christmas time is right around the corner, and this movie will win everyone’s hearts And just in time for the holiday.

Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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I absolutely love the concept behind Brave. It’s nice to see a strong female role in a cartoon and one that is so good at archery. My DISH co-worker told me that this would a movie the whole family would love. We didn’t get to see this one in theaters so I rented it through DISH’s Blockbuster @Home which is easier than going out to the kiosks to find the movie. The movie got here in a couple of days via mail and once we finished it up I just put it back in the mailbox and that’s it!