Bouncy My Happy to See Me Pup Review



Sophie has always loved puppies and even big dogs, you’ll often find her on all fours making gentle barking sounds at our dog Harley. The two are inseparable for the most 417bivuPOwL._SL500_AA300_part. And while the sweet, soft adorable, Bouncy My Happy to See Me Pup  has worked it way into Sophie’s heart, I can’t say the same for Harley. LOL. The cutie will interact will Sophie and never tires like Harley either. The Bouncy My Happy to See Me Pup jumps and spins when you get close to it, and when you pick it up, it she’ll make a sweet happy puppy sound.

Sophie named her new friend Harley Girl after her real life puppy. It’s so cute to see her playing with her new friend.

FurReal Friends always end up on Sophie’s Christmas list. Bouncy My Happy to See Me Pup makes her fourth FurReal Friend. She loves to get them all out and she will play for house with them. She even pretend to be the VET. How cute is that. FurReal Friends make the perfect gift for any little girl. Just ask Sophie!



  • Soft, cuddly puppy figure jumps and spins
  • Figure makes happy puppy sounds
  • You will love to cuddle with her
  • Play with this sweet, soft puppy figure and she will play with you
  • Figure comes with instructions


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The fact that the FurReal pup responds to kids, is realistic, and awesome.

Lori L Bailey

so cute, thanks

holly buckley

my kids love the FurReal toys

Vivian Hernandez

This Puppy is adorable and would be a great gift for any little one….The face is so sweet. I want one too!!!


That’s so awesome of u to give away a fur real puppy

Shelia Murray

I just love this cute dog however it scared me out of my skin at the store. lol

Karla O'Brien

I love Fur real dogs….all the fun without all the mess!

Paula Gillespie

Fur Real Pets are so cute and a great substitute for the real thing.