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BESTEK’s 6.3 Quart Pressure Cooker is Just What I Have Been Looking For


I just love my BESTEK Pressure Cooker.  Until recently I have never used a pressure cooker.  I remember my Mom having one when we were kids, but it was one that sat on top of the stove and all I can remember is the steam coming off the top.

Disclosure:  I received a BESTEK 6.3 Quart Pressure Cooker in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

BESTEK Electric Pressure Cooker

Advantages of BESTEK’s Pressure Cooker

With BESTEK’s 6.3 Quart Pressure Cooker, I know can use it for multiple dinner ideas.  I will say that one of the things I like the most is how easy it is to clean once I am done using it.  The lid is nicely designed to ensure ease when cleaning as well as its detachable parts.

BESTEK Electric Pressure Cooker

There are 11 smart built-in programs and with the touch of a button I can set it up perfectly for the meal I am making.  You can make steamed fish, stew, soup, tenderloin, a roast, chicken or even duck if that is something you would like to try.  It even allows you to make rice!  It could easily replace my crock pot and rice cooker which would free up some space on my cupboard shelves.  I have not tried making a cake or dessert yet but that is next on my list of things to do.

Another advantage of this pressure cooker is that it is designed to eliminate errors so that you do not have to worry about causing injury, your food spoiling and prevents the user from injury without compromising how it will work. Where as like I mentioned above I remember my Mom’s rattling and steam flying out of the little areas on the top which made you have to be super careful not to burn yourself with the steam.

Eat Healthier with BESTEK’s Pressure Cooker

BESTEK pressure cooker offers you a way to cook faster and eat healthier!

The way it is designed it is meant to trap all of the steam inside and create pressure to increase high temperature. With the tight seal, the cooker locks in heat to make food cooked as well as locks in moisture, flavor, vitamins, and minerals of foods for outstandingly tasteful and healthy meals.  I have always loved my slow cooker, but I will admit the taste after using BESTEK’s Pressure Cooker is far more flavorful than I would have imagined.

What is included with the Pressure Cooker?

  • Pressure cooker × 1
  • Lid × 1
  • Sealring × 1
  • Inner Pot × 1
  • AC Power Cord × 1
  • Measuring Cup × 1
  • Ladle × 1
  • Soup Ladle × 1
  • Condensation Collector × 1
  • Steamer Tray × 1
  • User Manual × 1
  • Recipes × 1  (I love that it comes with a little recipe book.  It gave me ideas I didn’t even think about).

The pressure cooker is almost 14 pounds and has an 18-month warranty included.  Right now you can purchase one for yourself via Amazon (this is not an affiliate link).  At the time of writing this, it is currently on sale for 45% off the original price.  This is a deal you do not want to miss. This also ships for free if you have Amazon Prime.

Visit BESTEK’s Amazon Storefront    | Facebook | Twitter |

Disclosure:  I received a BESTEK 6.3 Quart Pressure Cooker in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

BESTEK has offered us to giveaway 1 BESTEK 6.3 Qt Pressure Cooker to one of our readers! Isn’t that great? Details coming!


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Mary Beth Elderton

I have been reading so many great things about pressure coo0king. This electric model looks so easy to use and a lot less scary than the older stove top cookers.

Will G

I like that it comes with a 18 month warranty.

Richard Brandt

I’d like to try this out on some wings.

wendy browne

I really want to try a pressure cooker. My friend uses it and says it cooks well and is safe.

Beth D

Thank you for the opportunity. I would love to win this for my Mom

James Robert

As a dad learning to cook for my kids, I have never used one of these either. Might be about time and if it can speed up the meals, I like it already, not to mention healthier

monique s

So need a pressure cooker. It would really help make cooking faster.

Margaret Appel

This Bestek pressure cooker sounds wonderful! I’m one of those people with the old stovetop model and i primarily use it for rice. I love that this pressure cooker has built-in programs so I could just press a button & everything would cook perfect. It would be awesome to be able to cook chickens, stews, etc & have it be edible!

Melissa Storms

I need this, pressure cooking is amazing, especially with an electric pressure cooker.

laura bernard

This looks amazing!!

Ashley Perez

I love the warranty! 🙂 and the style of this model.


It looks so sleek and easy to use.

Dawn W

Love the idea of a pressure cooker and have been looking into them for a while! This is amazing!!!


I love all of the features of this cooker. I remember growing up and my mother using a pressure cooker on the stove that always scared me because one time the little pressure knob went flying across the kitchen. Pressure cookers have come a long way and love that this is electric.


I have been dying to use a pressure cooker! It would save me so much time!

Kim Avery

I’ve heard nothing but great things about these pressure cookers! Imagine making a roast without hearing up your kitchen!


I love that warranty- so unusual for it to be 18 months long. Sounds like a great product!

Mandy Haynes

Love the warranty. I’ve really been wanting one of these. It’s on my Christmas wish list!

Darlene Owen

I love that this BESTEK pressure cooker offers you a way to cook faster and eat healthier.

Steve Weber

I love all the cooking features on it. awesome!


I checked it out on Amazon and what a great price! I really need to get an electric pressure cooker that’s programmable, because I use a manual one.

Margaret S Porter

I sure want to start using a pressure cooker. I used to be afraid of them but this one looks very safe and easy to use


I have wanted a pressure cooker for quite some time. This would be perfect to use for a busy week night meal.

Linda Madden

IThis would make my life so much easier LOL. This. One looks like a real nice Thanks for the giveaway!

Linda Manns Linneman

This sounds so nice. I had one of the old fashioned ones like your mother had. These have sure improved over the years. Thank you so much for sharing this

Paula Stewart

My aunt uses hers all the time. I need one!

Cathleen King

I like how easy it is to clean and usable.

LeAnn Harbert

My son would like to have this. He trys to eat healthy and I think he would like to try some of these recipes.

ellen beck

I have had one of these on my ‘wish list ‘ forever since they came out. I love the ease of use and how quick they can do the job. I like how safe they are!

Sherry Conrad

My pressure cooker finally kicked the bucket – would love another – the problem I had with mine is that sometimes it would shut off when it got up to temp rather than cooking through the set time. My hesitation comes from not knowing if all electric cookers do that or what brand to trust – this seems like it would be great.

sheila ressel

I never knew how many different things you could cook with a pressure cooker. This would really be a timesaver when making dinners during the week and would also help me clear off some counter space by getting rid of my rice cooker and crock pot.

bianca roman

i remember the old timer pressure cooker when i was little and i was always so intrigued by them except every time the top rattling piece would ALWAYS scare me, even though i knew it was coming..ya know?

i like that it’s essentially fool proof, because um i don’t cook a whole lot and i need something like this.

Tracy soul

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Anita Duvall

I love the 11 presets that it has. Just set and forget. Awesome.


I love that it has a steamer tray.


Wow, so many awesome functions this has! This looks and sounds so awesome. This would be great as I am in school and working fulltime so this could save a ton of time for meal prepping. I am also trying to stay relatively healthy by diet!

Ashley Chassereau Parks
Ashley Chassereau Parks

I like that the warranty is so long. This would be an amazing help for cooking dinner with kids and all the activities they have in the evenings during the school year.

Robin Abrams

I love cooking with pressure cookers. The newer ones seem so much safer to use. I love that they can do multiple types of cooking in the pots

Tamra Phelps

I remember when my Grandma used an old style pressure cooker. I was terrified it was going to explode, lol. This looks much better.

crystal mccord

Yes, the warranty sounds awesome! There’s not too many products that offer them for that length of time.

Holly Thomas

I live in Florida and hate heating up the kitchen, this would be perfect for me!


BECKY, you are so beautiful.

Alicia Hewitt

This sounds great! I’ve wanted a pressure cooker for awhile, and I like the warranty with this product! That means the company backs their product 100%!


This sounds awesome!

Deborah W.

I love using my old-fashioned pressure cooker but am ready for a new one. This looks like a great one that I would love to try.

Austin H.

I have been wanting one of these for a long time. They are very versatile.

Cheryl Chervitz

I have been wanting one of these. It would be great to have. Thanks for sharing.

wen budro

The easy-to-use settings along with the safety features are a huge selling point for me. The fact that it is easy to clean really makes this a wonderful product that I would love to own.

Debbie Rhoades

I would love to have a pressure cooker!

denise low

If I had one of these pressure cookers it would save so much time. I have been wanting one of these. Thank you for sharing.

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