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bedlounge 4After my son was born I couldn’t sit for six weeks. Labor was difficult, there were complications, and recovery was long and hard. If you’ll ask any postpartum mom, she’ll tell you how important it is to have comfortable surroundings in bed. It is a challenging time, when I simply wanted to go out, get air, but had to allow myself the time to recover. I needed to be able to sit up in bed for those that wanted to visit, without actually sitting as my body wouldn’t allow it. A pile of pillows seemed to cause more discomfort than comfort.

The BedLounge is the perfect solution for the postpartum mom. It’s perfect for any mom, or anyone who likes to turn bed into a place to lounge. It is designed not only for comfort, but for back health as well! The BedLounge is luxuriously comfort, and designed by back experts. Layers of foam and fibers conform to your back, while still providing ample support. 

“The BedLounge was created for hours of comfortable sitting and reading. As you sink into its soft layers of down, quality resilient foam, and fleece combed fibers, you will understand why the BedLounge is more exceptional than any other comfort lounger on the market.”

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The BedLounge is brilliantly designed to support your back and neck in different positions. It has supportive armrests so that your back can take it a little easier. While it is huge, and totally envelopes you, it is still lightweight and easy to carry around.

BedLounge also has slipcovers in an awesome variety. They are top quality and very beautiful, with detailing and accent buttons. The slipcovers can be removed and are machine washable – so that you can treat it like you would your bedding. Pockets on the sides allow you to slip in an extra book, your phone, and your glasses. I need not tell you how many times I had to frantically search for my glasses because I did not have where to put them while reading.

Features of the BedLounge: 

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  • Made of layers of down, quality resilient foam, and fleece combed fibers.
  • Headrest rotates, and slides up and down, so that it will suit your needs whatever it is.
  • Removable lumbar support pillow slides into a pocket in the slipcover.
  • Adjustable sides help distribute and take the weight off your head, neck, and shoulders. 
  • Patented “active frame” is designed to allow the key parts to conform to your body shape.
  • Deep pockets on the armrests hold everything you need. 
  • Removable, machine washable slipcover.
  • Try it risk-free.

The BedLounge is a perfect gift for a mom, whether a new mom or a veteran mom! It is revolutionary and the best of its type. The various designs blend right in to your decor, and the superior comfort is just what every mom deserves!

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


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  1. I have leg problems, and have been wanting to try something like this for a long time now. Thank you for the review!

  2. This looks a lot more comfortable than the two pillows I currently use!

  3. Stephanie Phelps on

    Oh my gosh this looks like a dream come true! I am with you my pillows flatten out or just slide making me more uncomfortable but this looks amazing to take some of the pressure of and relax!

  4. Wow, this looks amazing! I would love to read in bed more comfortably, and it would help so much with lower back issues.

  5. Jennifer W on

    This looks heavenly for bad heartburn nights, reading in bed, and definitely for pregnancies! I would have LOVED one of these when I was pregnant with my son!

  6. Gladymar Rodriguez on

    This is amazing for my back. I tend to have back pain when i exercise hard, or when i’m in my period lol

  7. What an amazing product! It looks so comfortable and would be perfect for reading in bed…I really want one 🙂 I like the adjustable headrest and the lumbar support pillow! Those deep pockets are a great feature, and I like the removable, washable slipcover!

  8. this would have been great to have after my recent surgery, where I had to sleep sitting upright

  9. I have back issues and even many pillows isn’t comfortable in bed. And sometimes I want to sit in bed on weekend mornings and read a book or newspaper with a cup of coffee. I love how the bedlounger is adjustable and made by back experts!

  10. I love the fact that it helps with the redistribution of weight. It helps that one point of your body will not develop trigger points.

  11. Darlene Sullins on

    This looks very comfy!!!! Would be awesome for watching movies on my ipad!

  12. Heather Poindexter on

    Wow! This sounds woderful. I broke my neck and use a wheelchair. I have tried everything to find comfort in bed from new mattresses, pillows, bed rests. This sounds amazing!!!

  13. This thing looks AWESOME!!! It looks so cozy! I would love to use while reading a good book!

  14. I would love to win,I hurt my left knee and I live on the second floor condo,so I must go up and down the stairs many times in one day,my knee is so painful at night,it is hard to sleep,please pick me,good luck to everyone ,thanks

  15. What an awesome product – and just the thing to ease my chronic neck pain and provide the support I need to read or watch TV in bed!

  16. Thank you for informative review and photos. This looks like an amazing product.

  17. Alex Montemayor on

    I alway have to sit up against the wall and it hurts my head and my back. This would be a better alternative.

  18. This looks so comfy ,,,and something that would be a BIG relief to any one that enjoys reading but no pain as they try to stay relaxed…

  19. This would be so much better then leaning against the wall like I do now!! I would love this!!!

  20. Sandy Cain on

    Oh this would be perfect for my old mom! She spends most of her time in bed, and is always so uncomfortable. I know she’d love it! I do love the way the headrest is adjustable, up/down, and it rotates, too. It’s all customizable!

  21. Adriana Gonzalez on

    I love this it would be so comfy especially when i want to sit and read a book.

  22. This would be the perfect thing for my bad neck and back. I can never seem to get comfortable when I’m sitting, so I can’t read for very long, and I’m constantly moving around trying to find a comfortable position. The rotating, pivoting features make this the perfect solution for me. I love the leg lounger too.

  23. Thanks so much for the Fantastic Review on BedLounge – Amazing Comfort! OMG! I absolutely love this! There are times that my neck and back are killing me and I cannot get comfortable no matter what I do or where I go! This Bed Lounge would be perfect for those nights & days! I love how the cover is machine washable and that the head rest can move to make you more comfortable! I also like the fact that the arm rests help takes some pressure off of your back! This is really a Terrific Product! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review, the pictures, and your personal and professional information on the BedLounge with all of us! You know that I honestly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele 🙂

  24. Emily Endrizzi on

    I am currently 7 1/2 years postpartum and I still want this! I need this! I am putting this thing on my Christmas list if I do not win it! It looks awesome!

  25. Susan Jordan on

    Wow that looks so comfortable! You could do some major Chillaxing! 😉

  26. Susan Jordan on

    Hi, was just gonna say the twitter follow for @ashabutterflys says page doesn’t exist- I believe it’s because the ‘r’ is missing, but since I was all ready following @ashabutterflys (I went back and checked to make sure) I took the entries for it on the Giveaway! Thanks, really cool product!

  27. Dorrie Turner on

    I love big comfort and functionality in bed accessories, and I can not lie!

  28. Jessica CG on

    I’m 37 weeks pregnant and planning on nursing, so this looks amazing! I like that it reclines and has the option of a leg rest also.

  29. Oh my. I would love to get this for my husband. He was in a terrible accident breaking 22 bones and massive nerve damage that never healed. He can’t lay down and he has to have his foot up by five pm or he is in extreme pain. So he sits in a recliner after work until he gets up for work in the morning so he can lift his leg. This would help him be able to get into a bed again.

  30. I love that this is so adustable, it is just what I need. I also like that the slip cover is easily removed for washing.

  31. Cathy French on

    I always have trouble getting comfortable when I try to read in bed. Have so many pillows for my neck and shoulders and then several under my legs but nothing works and I usually give up on my attempt at comfort almost immediately due to pain and discomfort. This could be answer I am looking for.

  32. Dawn Monzu on

    I absolutely love this bedlounge! I have never heard of it before this giveaway. I am very excited that it reclines, and pivots and moves all over. Looks like something I could definitely use, for sure! Also looks very comfy!!!

  33. That chair sounds wonderful. Especially for post-op patients that have trouble getting around, or as you mention. just getting comfortable.

  34. I like that the head rest extends upward, and I especially like that the cover is washable!!!

  35. The bedlounge looks so comfortable. I’d love to use this in my bed, while i’m on my computer. I think it’d help to stop me from constantly moving around, trying to get comfortable.

  36. This looks so comfy. It would be more comfy than the pillows I use now for support when sitting in bed.

  37. Wanda O'Keefe on

    Thank you for bringing this item to my attention. I am going to look into it. I would like it for the days when my FM flares up and I need to just rest.

  38. cylina williams on

    This looks really comfortable and easy to use , my husband needs this!

  39. Samantha Daleo on

    This looks so comfy! When I try to relax and read I always end up with a sore back or neck or legs. This would take care of all of that!

  40. Gail Williams on

    I would love to turn my bed into a place to lounge. My health isn’t what i would like and I like the different reclining settings.

  41. What an amazing product! I am amazed that it has so many different ways it can work. So nice! This would let me watch TV, and read in bed. It would be awesome.

  42. Kayte CookWatts on

    I love to read in bed but the pillows are always slipping, and I end up on my side, positioned rather awkwardly.

  43. Cathy Jarolin on

    This Bed Lounge sounds so Amazing! I would just love to have it! It would make my time of sitting up in bed much more comfortable. I have leg problems and I need to rest a couple times a day and this would be so much more comfortable then the pillows I try to surround myself with! lol! This would be a Fabulous Mother’s Day Gift for a very Lucky Lady! Thankyou for this awesome review

  44. Robin Abrams on

    This looks like what I need. I have about 6 pillows I use and my back still hurts . Would really love one of these

  45. Rita Corey on

    This sounds wonderful. I have trouble falling asleep, so I read in bed to help me unwind but it hurts my back. I would love to try this.

  46. Lauralee Hensley on

    I like that it has many different position functions. I like that the slipcovers are washable.

  47. Ellie Wright on

    Oh my gosh! I want one! I’m always reading in bed and this would be awesome.

  48. This is great for pregnancy and beyond! It would be perfect for sleeping or reading especially if you have a bad back. This looks like a must have and would make a great gift for the person who has everything!

  49. The BedLounge looks nice and comfy, I’d love to have one of these. Thank you for sharing this review.

  50. Oh wow this looks like it would be so comfortable if you wanted to use it to read in bed at night
    or watch t.v.

  51. Shareen Mioskowski on

    This would be so much more comfortable, and better for my body than the folded over pillow I use at the moment thank you for you time and giving us such a great review on a needed product!!

  52. maureen howard on

    I love the fact that it is adjustable!! I am short so sometimes things like this are not too comfy …but this looks awesome!!

  53. The BedLounge would be perfect for nights when I am having trouble breathing. It reclines enough that I could fall asleep but I would still be propped up.

  54. This is such a great idea! It looks so comfy for reading or if you’re stuck in bed from illness or injury.

  55. I have lower back issues that make sitting propped in bed uncomfortable, this looks like a great solution to that problem.

  56. Kimarie Stebbins on

    This looks very nice. The only problem with this is that I think my husband and I might fight over it. 😛

  57. Brenda Haines on

    I’m actually laying on my bed with my laptop as I type this. And this look amazing!! 🙂

  58. I do want one of these. I sit in bed and watch tv a lot with pillows propped behind me. Never is quite comfortable. This would be perfect!

  59. This looks amazing. I get frequent heart burn and need to sit up to sleep and this would be so comfy!

  60. I usually spend way too much time making adjustments when I’m trying to sit up in bed and read. This looks soooo comfy.

  61. Nicole Lancaster on

    I would love to own a BedLounge, it would be prefect for my bedtime reading. I love that you can wash the slipcover and that sides are adjustable help distribute and take the weight off your head, neck, and shoulders.

  62. This BedLounge sounds AMAZING! I love to watch TV and read in bed, and this product would be perfect for me. It’s hard to get comfortable since I have herniated discs in my back. This looks so inviting and soothing…I would love to own one!

  63. This would be so great to have now, but I can see how this would have been perfect for when I had a c-section – this would be a really unique and amazing baby shower gift!

  64. crystal gibson on

    This looks so comfy. I would love to relax and read in the BedLounge.

  65. Sherril McGann on

    This looks like an awesome product. I can see myself using this especially when I have congestion and need to sleep in a semi-upright position.

  66. I like that it is designed by back experts and that it rotates and recline. Nice!

  67. Looks comfortable and like something I could use. Would be great for reading in bed!

  68. julie ferguson gould on

    It has been a very long time since I have been a postpartum Mom but this sure would be great for my lower ack. Thanks for your great review. Very well done 🙂

  69. natalie nichols on

    This is exactly what I need to use to relax without having terrible back pain after.

  70. Jessica Lodge on

    I love that the headrest rotates, and slides up and down. This looks heavenly! I could have used it when I was recovering from knee replacement surgery.

  71. Debbie Welchert on

    These sound and look so wonderful. My daughter has many health problems with her back, legs and arms where she has to spend a lot of time in bed. This would be so nice for her to be able to sit up and do things in bed.

  72. Brittney House on

    WOW! That looks so comfortable. I really need this because i’m always reading and relaxing in bed but i’m always in pain afterward due to the uncomfortable positions.

  73. this looks nice… hubby and I both love to sit up in bed and read or watch TV so something like this would be much better for our back than the pillows we currently use.

  74. Wow….both of those products look wonderful. I know that they would work so much better than the old pillows that I use now.

  75. Oh i would love one of these for my dad and myself! the ones i see instores are more for teenagers and they look flimsy.

  76. This would be so awesome for reading in bed and also great for nursing baby at night!

  77. this would be great for my mom! she’s always complaining about her back aching in the morning!

  78. Cristy Ridey on

    This would be wonderful. I like to read in bed, but I can never get comfortable. This looks like it would be perfect! Thank you for the product details.

  79. I would love to get this. I have a bad back & I think it would be perfect for sitting in bed.

  80. Lisa Stover on

    This looks amazing! I always get so stiff and can’t get comfortable when I’m trying to read or anything. This would be a life saver 🙂

  81. Laurie Nykaza on

    I had not seen this one before and it looks really great since I have back problems and will be having a knee replacement so being comfortable to sit and read is a must!

  82. This would be wonderful to have for better back support than trying to prop up a bunch of pillows. Looks awesome!

  83. All bedLounge products look restful , happy, zen, and just FANTASTIC I would ♡♡♡ Any/All of then!

  84. i really need this- my back has been bothering me a lot lately but i love sitting in bed on my laptop

  85. i want to win this for my mom she would love to have this she has a hard time getting up this would help her alot

  86. sheri anderson on

    This sounds so comfortable and of great quality, would love to own this and thanks so much!

  87. Myrna Kasick on

    I love that it has removable washable slipcovers. Everything about this product looks great.

  88. This would be perfect for my husband. He has lymphedema and has to use a pump for 1.5 hours everyday. He props himself up on pillows which really doesn’t help.

  89. This looks absolutely comfortable to either read in bed, play on my iPad, etc. Much better than just stacking pillows behind me.

  90. Looks like an amazing product, I have never seen anything like it. Beats trying to prop pillows.

  91. Natalie Brown on

    This is such an awesome product! I love that everything is adjustable and it looks to be very well-made. Thank-you for the information & review. 🙂

  92. This looks so amazing! Sure beats my pillow prop ups! Love the extending and movable headrest for ultimate comfort!

  93. Love this! What a comfortable way to relax and read Diana Gabaldon and her ongoing series of books . I’m now on Drums Of Autumn. So you see I would truly love to win this delightful back and shoulder,plus head rest. It sounds perfect.

  94. This is such an amazing invention! I would love to have one while lounging around reading or watching tv

  95. My husband and I both have back problems and we could get a lot of comfort using the BedLounge! I love that it’s adjustable in every way to distribute your weight more evenly and that it has a Removable lumbar support pillow, when more support is needed. I definitely want one of these!! Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  96. Oh my goodness…This is so fabulous!I love how the headrest is so versatile.This would be perfect for when I want to stream shows on my laptop or read a good book in bed.Thank you for the awesome review

  97. Krystal Waters on

    I just had minor leg surgery and this looks like it would be so comfortable right now. I know my husband would like to have this when he reads before bedtime.

  98. gloria patterson on

    I sleep in my recliner a lot because I need the bed elevated this would really be nice to have

  99. Anita Duvall on

    This would be wonderful support for my back while watching TV or reading in bed.

  100. Christina Sparks on

    This would be great for my husband, he has back issues and he likes to watch tv in bed before we go to sleep and we have not headboard.

  101. I love this and need one. I prop myself up on pillows to watch TV and use my laptop. Always having to adjust my pillows and back hurts. Love that the BedLoung is adjustable and you can put your remote in it.

  102. I spend a lot of time in bed due to health problems and this looks wonderful.

  103. Michael Lambert on

    This looks very comfortable and looks like it could help my back and legs problems.