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America’s Favorite Running Jewelry and Tanks


**Disclosure: I received a necklace and tank in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

Do you have a runner in your life?  If so this Valentine’s Day why not get them a gift they will love? It will not only be thoughtful but right up their alley.  Inspired Endurance has so much to offer the runner in your life. From tank tops to jewelry you are sure to find something thoughtful and appreciated.

Why Inspired Endurance? 

This line of jewelry and tanks celebrates the accomplishments of women athletes with beautiful beads and charms.  The creator offers jewelry for many different types of races.  If you or a person you know is a runner then this site is dedicated to you.  You will find they have options for a 5K, triathlon, duathlon, marathon, half marathon and the list of options go on. 

Who is behind Inspired Endurance? 

Kenda Walsh is the owner and creator.  She spent many years in the corporate world which led her stress level to its highest level.  This put her health in jeopardy and she felt it was time for a change.  In March of 2015, she had to take a medical leave of absence and started walking.  She started out small with a half block, then ventured on to an entire block and then she tackled 5k and beyond.  She found her love of walking and started to think about owning a business of her own that was comprised of health, adventure and centered on creativity.  This is how Inspired Endurance was born.

Inspired Endurance necklace dream believe achieve

Dream Believe Achieve Wing and Crystal Necklace Holiday Gift Set

Even if you are not a runner this necklace can be worn to celebrate life.  If you can dream it, you can believe it and achieve it.  This is one of my mottos this year for 2018! I gave this necklace to my daughter for Christmas as she is going into her last semester of her Senior year in college.  She will have a bachelor degree in psychology and I believe she will be making her dreams come true before she knows it.  I just wanted to give her something to remember her goals.

Inspired Endurance - Sole Sister Tank

Sole Sister Tank Top 

I love the play on words on this one.  “Sole” vs Soul.  Friends that run together stay together, at least that is my thoughts on this.  If you have a bestie that loves to run with you why not pick up 2 of these for Valentines Day this year?  Then when you go running you can wear your tanks.  

 Show off your Sole with our new super comfy and true to size tank top ( you can check out sizes on their website)  that is perfect to wear on race day! Flowy style with trendy gathering on back. This is a popular mantra for women runners this year! 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester.  Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

There are many items to choose from so make sure you visit their website below and check them out on their social media:

Facebook |Instagram| Pinterest | Website






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nice mottos

Jeanne Coulombe

Great article love how you have jewelry to inspire people.

monique s

this is such a lovely thought and concept. Very inspirational

Lucy Rapposelli

That is a great Motto. Nice site too

Audrey Stewart

I admire women athletes and this necklace is beautiful I am so excited for the Olympics. Figure Skating is my favorite. I enjoyed your review and also enjoyed reading this post.


I would love some running jewelry because I run marathons!! I love the play on words on the tank!

Richard Brandt

Here I’ve been running without any jewelry like some rube.

Richard Brandt

I love the concept of endurance beads.

Lisa Williams

I love how this jewelry and clothing celebrates the achievements of women,especially the benefits of running and/or walking and moving to promote health.


I’m much more likely to wear them/work out if I have fun, inspirational workout clothing

Sally Gearhart

I’m absolutely loving this is set and what a wonderful gift idea to give too! I love to run but I’m just starting out so I’ve got a long ways to go.

Fiona N

I love to wear the inspired jewelry because it encourages me every day 🙂
Thank You for sharing this awesome post!

jeanette sheets

love how the jewerly inspires people

Nicole Martin

I love that necklace!!

LeAnn Harbert

I like these charms for my granddaughters.

Holly Thomas

This is such a truly inspiring story and the necklace is beautiful.


This brand sounds awesome! I have not heard of them before.

Chris L

Awesome concept. Love the jewelry.

susan smoaks

I love the idea of this. It is really cool and I would be honored to wear the necklace and the tank.

Elizabeth Brooks

I love inspiration jewelry

Jeanna Massman

Thank you for the great review. It was very informative.

Robin Abrams

I love inspiration jewelry. I love sharing inspirational messages to others

Sue E

My daughter started running. At first, to get in shape and release some tension. But now she absolutely loves it! The team she is on have gone to state meets and they’ve one a couple of times. She is definitely a person of endurance! She is a widow raising 3 children by herself! I’m proud of her! I think she’d like that “Sole Sister” shirt!

MD Kennedy

Love the tank top – I am an athlete but never worn one!

Rose Santuci-Sofranko
Rose Santuci-Sofranko

That necklace is great! Thanks and God Bless!

Amy D

I’m a runner, and love this type of stuff! I love the necklace and tank! It is totally my style!


I love inspiration jewelry! This is so pretty and is a great reminder!

Richard Hicks

Like the quote. Very inspirational and uplifting for sure

michelle garrity

Love a site that encourages strength in women

Abigail Gibson

Awesome article. Women runners are awesome!

Surinder gurm

Perfect for my runner daughter

Jessica W.

I love how these are inspired by women athletes.


the necklace and tank are so cute! 🙂

tammy kubitz

great inspiration

doug g.

this is the best I’ve seen of this statement turned into items to wear. 🙂

Antoinette M

Inspirational message!

Azeem Isaahaque

They make some really great pieces! My wife loves the tank top

Jennifer H.

I like the t-shirt.

John H.

I think that the necklace and shirt are cool.

Robin Creager

Love this concept to help inspire women. I went to http://www.inspiredendurance.com and saw the

Kate S

As a new runner I find this very inspiring!

Stephanie Grant

Love this! These products are so inspiring!

Sandra Watts

I like the necklace. Tank is cute too.

kathy pease

I really love the tank top it looks comfortable

Buddy Garrett

I love the idea of jewelry that inspires runners.

Trisha McKee

These look amazing and comfy and I love the messages. We all need inspiration and encouragement.

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