Advice on sharing your little ones moments


Advice on sharing your little ones moments

 How do you share those special moments and memories of your little one with your family and friends? You want to keep them in the loop, but if you’re using online channels you also want to do it in a way that is secure and private.

 HiMama recently released a report on Parents in a Digital Age that surveyed parents across the US and Canada about online sharing and there were some interesting findings. Here are some things parents can take away from the report.


 Read the fine print on websites or apps before using them

 Some websites, including social media networks, will have digital rights to media posted on their site, like photos or videos of your child. You may be okay with this, but be aware of it and make sure you read their privacy policy and terms of service.

 Set expectations with family on how you want them to share

 If you have family or friends who may want to share your child’s moments with you, set expectations with them about your preferred channels for online sharing. For example, if you’re not comfortable with them posting your child’s photos on Facebook, just be upfront with them about this.


Talk to your child care or school about how they are sharing

 In addition to family and friends, you might also want to investigate how your child care program or school is sharing your child’s private information with you online. The HiMama report found that a surprising number of programs are sharing through public websites, blogs and social media sites, some of which may not have the level of security or privacy that you’re looking for.

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