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Mom Blog Society was founded in 2011 by LaDonna Dennis Maxwell, a mom blogger since 2006. LaDonna started Mom Blog Society because she believes every mom blogger deserves the “Society Spotlight”. LaDonna lives in Ohio, is happily married, and a proud mom of 3 amazing kiddos. Before blogging, LaDonna was a journalist for Frost Illustrated. She later attended Indiana Purdue University where she pursued a degree in Psychology, and went on to attended Ivy Tech where she pursued a degree in Nursing.




Mom Blog Society is a knowledge base for moms, by moms. We feature bloggers from around the world. Our vision is to utilize the power and potential of the Internet to connect people and groups around the world as never before.

At Mom Blog Society we pride ourselves on the unique solutions we developed to bring like-minded individuals together.

Mom Blog Society is much more than a networkers starter kit-it’s a team of advisers, colleagues, and cheerleaders ready to support our members every step of the way.

We bring a fresh and original perspective to the term “blog networking”.

Mom Blog Society believes that every mom blog is essential to the blogging world. Therefore, we strive to promote our members and encourage each and every member of our site to speak up and tell the world what’s on their mind!




If you are interested in working with Mom Blog Society, please download our media kit. You may email us for more information.

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