5 Home Renovation Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend


If you’ve got a spare weekend and a little bit of money in your budget for a renovation here are a few ideas for simple projects you can do around your house.

1. Painting


Painting is such an easy way to refresh your home and give it an updated look. To ensure you can complete the project in a weekend, focus on one room. A little preparation goes a long way in a quality paint job. Use the right paint in the right finish and make sure you have quality brushes and rollers. You should plan on priming the walls and putting on more than one coat of paint. Priming helps with paint coverage and is an important step in the process, so don’t skip it.

2. Flooring


Tackle a flooring project in your home. This could be something as simple as tearing up the carpet in rooms to expose wood floors underneath. If you aren’t lucky enough to have hardwoods hiding just beneath the surface, try something different like tiling a mud room or bathroom or replacing the hardwood floors in your den. Flooring tasks can seem daunting but if you focus on a small space it’s easy to accomplish a project over the course of a weekend.

3. Add Crown Molding


Crown molding is a relatively simple project that adds a great deal of charm and value to your home. Installing molding can seem intimidating, especially in an older home where the walls might not be completely flat or when you are worried about matching up corners. There are plenty of online tutorials and videos to help you get started and guide you through the process. The project will be much easier with the use of a miter saw and brad nailer so if you don’t have these items, you may want to consider renting them to complete your project.

4. Update the Backsplash in Your Kitchen


Updating your kitchen’s backsplash can be a fairly easy and budget-friendly task to accomplish in a short amount of time. It can also have a big impact on the overall look of your space. Choosing a mosaic style tile will make the project installation go quickly since the tiles sit on a 12×12 mesh sheet. You can also choose a ceramic or porcelain tile. Whatever material you choose, make sure it’s simple and neutral and will complement the rest of the kitchen.

5. Update Cabinet Hardware


Upgrading cabinet hardware is a quick and budget friendly update that you can easily finish in a weekend. It is a great way to give your kitchen cabinets a fresh new look. You would be amazed at how a small change can have such a large impact. Make sure to shop for knobs and pulls that are the same size as your existing ones so you won’t have to drill new holes in the cabinets or make additional adjustments.



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Andrea Broom

I’m moving and I really want to make my new apt. feel like home. I can pain the walls as long as I paint them back before I move out. Thanks for the tips


Great ideas to get started on!!! I need the every now! Ha!


Great ideas to get started on!!! I need the energy now! Ha!

Mary Ann

We have done so much work on our home. When we moved in, it was all wallpapered everywhere! Painting, flooring, bathroom and kitchen remodels made it a completely different home. Now, I need to work on the crown molding–I love the look of it!


We’ve got our home office that definitely needs a re-vamp. We’re thinking about doing it ourselves and not weekend is marked out for painting the walls. I think it’s great when you tackle these jobs yourself – the rewarding feeling when you’ve done something yourself is amazing!


I have added crown molding and udpated hardware on cabinets before, and it does make such a big difference! As does painting. Thanks for the great list!

Jasmine Eclipse

It’s my dream to have home renovations to make our home our own. I can’t wait until we own so that we can do these things!


I think crown molding always makes a place look better. I’m big on getting it installed if it isn’t when we re-do a room.

Nicole | Frugal Family Finds

These are great ideas! Small changes can make such a big impact. I love making little changes that I can finish in one weekend.

Joely Smith

I need to do all of these! We really need to paint some rooms BADLY things are so outdated in our home.


Thank you for the reminder & the tips. My place needs its long overdue renovation. It’s so white right now so I guess painting the walls with new color will spruce it up.


Thank you for the reminder & the tips. My place needs its long overdue renovation. It’s so white right now so I guess painting the walls with new color will spruce it up. I just need to find time for it.

Tiffany Cardenas

These are great ideas. We’ve always done major overhauls, but it would be nice to tackle a little project at a time.

Elizabeth O.

The weekend is the best time to catch up on repairs and renovations. I think these are all pretty possible to do during the weekend, especially painting.


love the list above, wish i can do this to my apartment too, but I can never touch anything hehe. this will help a lot to my house back in malaysia. would love to change the paint!


When it comes to home renovations, I’d rather leave it to the professionals than have me DIY it. I am all thumbs!